Focus and Creativity Yoga

Focus and Creativity Yoga

3 Episodes

Is it possible to be focused and attentive while still being free and creative? In this 3-part explorative series with Rodney Yee, you'll be asked to rethink the way you understand meditation and movement, finding ways to practice and refine both.

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Focus and Creativity Yoga
  • Intro

    Episode 1

    What is focus? Is it meditation? What is creativity? Can meditation be creative? In this 15-minute introduction, explore your understanding of both by putting various concepts into practice. Be playful as you discover what it means to be attentive.

  • Focus Practice

    Episode 2

    In this 15-minute class designed to refine your focus and your practice, you'll maintain your attention on one specific object, learning how to gaze intently with a relaxed focus. Move mindfully through the sequence to steady your mind, heart and body.

  • Creativity Practice

    Episode 3

    Be refreshed in this 15-minute practice designed to awaken your creativity. Focusing on the hips, discover creative ways to move and explore familiar poses and movements on your mat. Trust yourself and your intuition by leaving your agenda at the door!