Easy Stretching Yoga

Easy Stretching Yoga

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Easy Stretching Yoga
  • Wake Up Your Sensual Side

    This Kundalini practice from Lindsey Lewis is an all-levels class designed to awaken your divine, primal nature.

  • Yoga For Hip Loosening And Opening

    This hatha practice from Jane Ellison is an intermediate class designed to free your pelvic connections from too much sitting.

  • Yogalates For Long Lean Legs

    This fusion Pilates/yoga practice from Nico Luce is a beginner's class designed to encourage growth from your center, outward.

  • Strap Practice

    Use a strap to go deeper into yoga poses.

  • Heart of Gold Flow

    This vinyasa practice from Tommy Rosen is an all-levels class designed to help you ride your inhales and exhales into chest opening.