Chair-Bed Meditations with Rodney Yee

Chair-Bed Meditations with Rodney Yee

3 Episodes

Dive into the power of meditation with this 3-part series. Learn how to use these short 10-minute meditations to relieve pain, receive rest, and find peace. By becoming present in the quietness of your mind and body, you remember you are infinite.

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Chair-Bed Meditations with Rodney Yee
  • For Pain

    Episode 1

    Follow this 10-minute meditation for pain relief to bring awareness to your body and the location of your pain. By paying attention to the sensations and allowing yourself to be curious, you can begin to decrease your pain and start to enjoy a full life.

  • For Sleep

    Episode 2

    Use this 10-minute guided meditation to help ease your body into a state of rest and sleep. As you feel the weight of your body drop into the earth, you begin to erase the residue of agitation and the tension that prevents us from getting the rest we need.

  • For Peace

    Episode 3

    What if conflict is an illusion that stems from something that is whole being divided into two parts? Use this powerful 10-minute meditation to learn to receive the world as it is, learning to better understand who you are and where your boundaries lie.