Billy Blanks: BootCamp Elite

Billy Blanks: BootCamp Elite

3 Episodes

Join Billy Blanks seven-time martial arts champion, in his workout system, Billy's BootCamp Elite. This innovative program will help to reshape your body while empowering you to stay fit. The BootCamp Elite system incorporates the fat-burning power of Tae Bo with muscle toning techniques that Billy uses to train the troops around the world.

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Billy Blanks: BootCamp Elite
  • Mission 1: Get Started

    Episode 1

    Billy teaches you the basics behind the BootCamp workout. This fun & intense workout will keep you energized and empowered while you achieve a lean, sculpted body!

  • Mission 2: Maximum Power

    Episode 2

    This is an explosive sculpting and toning workout. Before you know it, you will be executing such techniques as the shoulder press, bicep curls, squat thrusts and kicks while you build a strong mind and body.

  • Mission 3: Solid Abs

    Episode 3

    In this workout, Billy guides you through an incredible routine to help tone and sculpt your midsection. For better results, Billy has incorporated great isolation moves and a floor routine, which will get your heart pumping as you burn tons of calories.