Beginning Yoga Practice

Beginning Yoga Practice

4 Episodes

Learn the basics of yogic breath and movement in this four-class series designed for new yogis. Taught by master yoga teacher Rodney Yee, this series breaks down some of the essential alignments technique and sequences found in a typical yoga practice, such as Sun Salutations, Twists, and upper-body postures, and features these elements within a well-rounded class.

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Beginning Yoga Practice
  • Breathing

    Episode 1

    In this beginners class led by acclaimed teacher Rodney Yee, you will learn to sync your motion with the rhythm of your breath and how to ride this current throughout your yoga asana practice

  • Sun Salutations

    Episode 2

    In this class, Rodney offers a variety of modifications of the traditional Sun Salutation sequence to accommodate different body types and special circumstances. We recommend having two blocks available for this practice.

  • Twisting Breath

    Episode 3

    While breathing during twisting postures may seem difficult at first, Rodney Yee will teach you to find space in these poses for the breath to flow.

  • Upper Body

    Episode 4

    Discover the physical strength and emotional sensitivity of your upper body in this beginners' practice led by Rodney Yee that targets your arms, hands, wrists and shoulders. We recommend having two blocks available for this practice.