Gentle Beginner's Flow

Gentle Beginner's Flow

4 Episodes

Use these gentle flow yoga classes with Rodney Yee to deepen your connection with the breath while also opening the body and mind in all directions. Enjoy a short restorative sequence as well as more enlivening classes for a well-rounded practice.

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Gentle Beginner's Flow
  • Gentle Flow Practice #1

    Episode 1

    Find space in your body in this 15-minute gentle flow yoga class guided by Rodney Yee. By staying close to your mat the entire class and following your breath with each movement, you will open your body while retaining a sense of grounding and support.

  • Gentle Flow Practice #2

    Episode 2

    Take 20 minutes to stretch your body with Rodney Yee in this rhythmic gentle flow yoga class. Using the concept of rooting down to open up, you will flow with your breath through a careful sequence of postures that are effective yet accessible.

  • Gentle Flow Practice #3

    Episode 3

    This 10-minute gentle flow practice uses restorative postures to quiet the nervous system and open the heart so that it can be more receptive. A helpful class to release physical bindings caused by poor posture, practice regularly to find your best self!

  • Gentle Flow Practice #4

    Episode 4

    This 30-minute practice is designed to be a gentle, well-rounded yoga practice that weaves together a creative flow, thoughtful instruction, and full-body participation. Gentle yet enlivening, focus on centering yourself with each cycle of breath.