Daily Stretch

Daily Stretch

3 Episodes

Increase your range of motion by stretching your body in harmony with the cycle of each day. Ashleigh has created a flexibility series that will encourage you to brighten your morning, bring stress relief to your day, and build towards a restful sleep.

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Daily Stretch
  • Morning Stretch

    Episode 1

    Roll out of bed and onto your mat for this progressive sequence of postures that will wake up your mind, body and breath and leave you prepared for the day.

  • Lunchtime Stretch

    Episode 2

    Find some relief whether you have been sitting at a desk or standing on your feet all morning. This sequence will reverse the effects of habitual work postures so you can you digest lunch and return to work energized and alert.

  • Evening Stretch

    Episode 3

    Wind down at the end of the day in order to move towards relaxation and eventually sleep. Use this sequence to help unwind the body and calm the mind and relieve any excess tension before heading to bed. Props: chair, bolster.