7-Week Weight Loss Challenge

7-Week Weight Loss Challenge

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Navigate yourself to the right skill level calendar, then follow along each day with your prescribed workout. Each day's workout for each level is located in the drop-down menu on the series page here! WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE 2020: This one is designed to help all abilities and all body shapes focus on weight loss through healthy activity and healthy lifestyle tips. Crafted with precise diligence, this collection is part of the "Best of Gaiam TV" series, and there will always be three distinct fitness levels to consider in each workout or practice. This design has two-workouts per-day as the default, a morning and afternoon session tailored to your level. The goal is to workout for at least 25 days per month, 22 at least. See if you can get two-a-day in, but always consult your physician to see if these exercises are correct for your body. Download one of the PDF calendars and choose your own adventure, marking off each workout that you complete on the calendar!

Healthy Tip #101: Having a fitness parter committed to the same journey and program format as you can increase your success rates, happiness, confidence, and overall well-being. Is there a friend or partner that might take the challenge with you? Simply texting back and forth that you've completed your workouts or practices for each day can amplify the accountability you seek to complete this challenge and see the results you are energized towards by even being on this digital page in the first place. Self-motivation and social-motivation can team up on this experience, use your talents, make your goals!

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7-Week Weight Loss Challenge
  • 1,2 Punch HIIT

    Episode 1

    1,2 Punch HIIT uses two combinations of attainable, fun and challenging kickboxing moves. Each finishes with 1 minute of HIIT intervals to build endurance and intensity!

  • HIIT it with Weights

    Episode 2

    Brett Hoebel challenges you to intensify your body-weight workout with this dumbbell HIIT routine. Get ready to row, plank or squat with or without the extra resistance.

  • HIIT & Tabata

    Episode 3

    Push yourself in this fast-paced HIIT circuit with a Tabata kicker at the end. This intense, calorie-blasting workout includes a 3-minute core cool down.

  • 30 Hi 30 Lo Blue

    Episode 4

    30Hi/30Lo is metabolic conditioning and fat burning workout where you perform every exercise for 30 seconds at a high intensity, then take a 30 second low intensity active rest.

  • Metabolic Mayhem

    Episode 5

    Use intense cardio intervals to kickstart metabolism and tap into your body’s various energy systems. As always, you can expect a fun challenge every time you take TKO!