Pop Physique

Pop Physique

Since its inception, Pop Physique has always been more than a workout -- it's a lifestyle brand. Heavily inspired by the mood and atmosphere of Los Angeles, particularly the Silver Lake neighborhood, Pop opened its original flagship studio in 2008.

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Pop Physique
  • Original Butt

    This is the most efficient one hour you will ever spend. Burn 500 calories or more. Tone and sculpt your entire body in a fun, intense workout with zero impact on your joints.

  • Cardio Butt School

    Cardio Butt School is the way to rock your body into a sleek, sexy shape. You will take what you were given and perfect it. Tighten your abs, lift your butt up higher, and slim and firm your legs and arms.

  • Pop Hardcore

    The people that brought you Original Butt, are taking it to the core. Intense strengthening that makes your muscles heat up and shake from being worked so hard.

  • Butt & Thigh

    This workout is the secret to getting the iconic Pop Physique butt. Intense focus on toning the thighs and sculpting the perfect derriere.

  • Insta Pop

    Combining raw emotion with isometric movements, Pop Physique takes the concept of fitness to a new level. Pop Physique is a total body workout rising from the merger of Ballet, Electro and LA street culture.