Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard Video
Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard

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Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard (2006)

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In the early 1970s, Werner Erhard created the enormously influential est training, attended by a million people, and pioneered what would become the multi-billion dollar personal-growth industry. Controversy surrounded Erhard, his training and his methods. Now, some 30 years later, Emmy-award-winning director Robyn Symon takes another look at Erhard, through colleagues, family members, and especially those who underwent the training. Erhard himself sat for a rare interview.

Werner Erhard, Sandy Robbins, Joan Bordow, Randy McNamara, Dan Wakefield, Larry King
Robyn Symon

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nansemomish, posted on April 19, 2014

Thanks for the whole story.

mickialbert, posted on October 23, 2013

Another compelling story of the condition and current state of humanity. As long as we rely on the media to deliver the "truth" we will not receive it untainted. It will be brewed through power brokers. Good "news" is, developing intuition (through programs such as Werner's and other means) will help us to become healthy, discerning attractors of truth! Thank you Werner and associates for persevering!

cldcoffee, posted on August 24, 2013

I recommend "Century Of The Self" BBC docu on youtube for anyone interested in this.

ssolano, posted on December 10, 2012

GigiRenee, posted on June 28, 2012

I really love this film. Est was the beginning of the human potential movement, and very misunderstood. Thank you for this film.

amiller, posted on January 28, 2012

quite fascinating

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