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Sustainable Business

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Sustainable Business (2002)

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“Sustainability means satisfying the needs of the current generation without jeopardizing the prospects of future generations.” An extraordinary gathering of business leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents took place at the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) in Colorado in 2002. The goal of the conference was to focus attention on the many sustainable businesses that are meeting the needs of a new breed of consumer – one who is concerned about human rights, spirituality and the sustainability of natural resources. In these presentations, speakers from several sustainable and organic companies shared their wisdom and the amazing success stories that have been generated by doing business in ways that are socially and environmentally beneficial.

Jeffrey Hollender, Gary Hirshberg, Mark Retzioff, Mo Seigel


Growing Mindful Video
Growing Mindful
Growing Mindful (2002)
24 minutes
What happens when business leaders, spiritual practitioners, and change agents gather together to explore ethics, mindfulness, and business? We discover how moved we can be to affect our communities and change our world.
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Growing Soul Video
Growing Soul
Growing Soul (2002)
24 minutes
The world's business leaders, spiritual practitioners and change agents gather together to explore working Beyond the Bottom Line: a confluence of ethics, mindfulness, and business.
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Organic Food Video
Organic Food
Organic Food (2002)
24 minutes
Two leaders in the natural food business – Mo Siegel, of Celestial Seasonings, and Mark Retzloff, of Horizon Organic Dairy and Rudi's Organic Bakery – discuss organic and sustainable agriculture.
Available worldwide
Organic Fashion Video
Organic Fashion
Organic Fashion (2002)
24 minutes
Marci Zaroff, founder/president of Under the Canopy, and Michelle Kozin, founder/president of Organic Weddings, describe their hope that their businesses will revolutionize the fashion industry with organic practices.
Available worldwide

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