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Noel (2004)


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Christmas Eve in New York, and the lonely divorced publisher, Rose Collins, needs a miracle to improve the health of her mother, interned in a hospital with Alzheimers. She feels sorry for another patient and meets his visitor. Meanwhile, Nina Vasquez breaks her engagement with her beloved fiancé Mike due to his suffocating jealousy, but misses him. Mike is stalked by a stranger, bartender Artie Venzuela. The poor Jules arranges to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital, where he spent the best Christmas of his life when he was a teenager. The lives of some of these characters cross with others along the night.

Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Paul Walker, Alan Arkin, Robin Williams (uncredited)
Chaz Palminteri

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ceritasfgp, posted on September 12, 2014

Interesting....yes about love and connections...not wanting to die alone (Robin Williams) intuitions, retrospect and again love.
Love is all there all it's splendeous forms....

deva8530, posted on August 10, 2014

this is the 2nd film I have wanted to watch and both times I cannot, what do you want me to pay for ....

bbwoodlock, posted on December 29, 2013

I enjoyed this movie very much. I loved how all the characters tied into the theme of love.

kaplankova, posted on December 25, 2013

We loved the movie but wish it had captioning, which we depend on to understand what is being said. Thanks so much!

DREWC, posted on December 24, 2013

While I appreciate you offering GaiamTV free to subscribers to the Spiritual Cinema Circle it appears the only way to view them is on a computer. Many people, including myself use iPads as our primary media consumption devices. I hope you will add this in the near future because honestly I do not want to sit in front of my computer just to watch a movie.

dragonwchimes, posted on December 24, 2013

I still don't know why Gaiam TV hasn't been able to give all its members access to ALL the movies here...all they have to do is change the codecs on the movies to make it accessible to all their paying customers! So disappointed, another of MANY movies we can't watch in Canada!!!!

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on December 26, 2013

We completely understand your frustration. When we license rights to a film we try our hardest to negotiate worldwide availability; sometimes we’re successful, other times we’re not. We constantly strive to make our viewing experience a satisfying one to our customers worldwide, and make every effort to do so in each film we license. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and hope you will continue to enjoy all of our worldwide-available content – including all of our original programming.

LINDAB8, posted on December 20, 2013

Wonderful movie, heartwarming, perfect - thank you!

JULIANS0, posted on December 20, 2013

I was stunned to learn, after watching this film, that Paul Walker died 2 weeks ago at age 40! What a tragic loss for such a talented actor. I first saw him in Pleasantville.

SHELLEYS, posted on December 15, 2013

A lovely movie to see just before the winter holidays. Thank you!

ESYULEG, posted on December 15, 2013

Nice! many layers and loved how there were surprises that all made perfect sense.. kindness, true compassion, deep love and all the stuff that impedes it... don't want to spoil it for anyone... did really like it

brigittelhammond, posted on December 14, 2013

Why can't we watch it in Canada ?

Clight, posted on December 24, 2012

This was a very sweet movie. Thank you!

sylhenderson, posted on December 14, 2012

This is a good film

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