Nature's Pharmacy…Herbal Medicines Video
Nature's Pharmacy…Herbal Medicines

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Nature's Pharmacy…Herbal Medicines (2001)

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What are the real values and limitations of herbal remedies, compared with pharmaceuticals? What herbs are safe and effective, and when is it appropriate to use them? German studies clinically support the efficacy of the top twenty best selling herbs, yet their true power is in prevention.

Use of herbal remedies spans centuries and cultures; now we are finding the most effective remedies are an amalgamation of natural tradition with the best of high tech medicine. Take a walk through nature's pharmacy with James Duke, Ph.D. in Botany, and thirty years at the Department of Agriculture, studying the medicinal properties of plants and the composition and role of botanical remedies. Hosted by Dr. Howard Torman.

Dr. Howard Torman
James A. Duke, Gordon Cragg, Natalie Koether, Manu Dawson, Varro Tyler, Ronald Hoffman


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