Marcia Wieder: Master Class with Interview Video
Marcia Wieder: Master Class with Interview

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Marcia Wieder: Master Class with Interview (2011)

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Would you like to take a stand for what really makes you happy in your life? Marcia Wieder knows you will need to acquire some tools to take control of your life, and she has helped thousands of people do just that. She opens up about the events in her own life that led her to help people overcome their doubt, believe in themselves, and make their dreams come real. How did she know she was that bright shining light? She laughed a lot. She was happy, even though there were challenges in her family life. Her family became hopeless, and so she had to become the girl of hope. She discusses the relationship between enlightenment and lightening-up, and how she discovered how important it can be simply to relax. Lisa Garr, creator of radio’s The Aware Show, interviews Marcia Wieder for Gaiam Portraits of Inspiring Lives.

Marcia Wieder, Lisa Garr
Michael Badertscher

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Ida-Helene, posted on November 20, 2012

Fantastic - thank you so much

ricochetjet, posted on November 11, 2012

I have been in a slump for a little while now, and watching many programs on GaiamTV. I want to wake up and have been endeavoring to think, feel, know more. We are living in an amazing time being bombarded by billions of bits of information and tasked with keeping a balanced perspective. That said, this program has relayed the most valuable message I have been able to hear in my lifetime. Clear and succinct, it is a message that truly can make a difference if heeded. Thank you so much.

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