The Happiness Prescription (Deepak Chopra) Video
The Happiness Prescription (Deepak Chopra)

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The Happiness Prescription (Deepak Chopra) (2008)

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Happiness. We know it immediately when we see it in others. We spend our time, money and even our lives searching for it. So how do we achieve one of life's most coveted offerings? Renowned author, speaker and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra offers us a powerful approach to possessing happiness in his groundbreaking work, The Happiness Prescription.

In this beautifully recorded presentation, Dr. Chopra draws on the world's spiritual traditions to reveal ten powerful keys that will catapult your journey toward new freedom and joy, including: How to get rid of negative thoughts; The mystery of emotional intelligence; How to stay centered and more consciously aware; How to effectively handle stress; How to grow rewarding relationships; How to build fulfillment in life. Enjoy practical exercises aimed at releasing toxins from your mind and body, replacing fear with love, and living in balance.

Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra

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stephlah12, posted on April 16, 2014

I have been studying and practicing mindfulness for just a few months now, and found this video to be very helpful. He offers some new perspectives and great anecdotes to make this mindset more attainable. I highly recommend this. Thank you!

medicine2013, posted on April 16, 2014

This is great stuff and something relevant to what`s happening to my awareness right now . Thank you for on time programing .

gajora, posted on October 7, 2013

very enlightment

Nathan0, posted on September 30, 2013

really liked this was great , works well with the Sedona method

kennedymv, posted on September 8, 2013

No Q&A? The video did not contain any Q&A at the end!

Lizcascio, posted on August 25, 2013

Deepak is a gifted, charismatic communicator.

MRSHUXTABLE89, posted on July 20, 2013

Loved it. I found myself laughing, nodding my head in agreement, and wanting to learn more. His presentation style is that of a true teacher, no ego, just a desire to share his wisdom

andreitaryan, posted on July 5, 2013

Amazing messague im happy to hear what my mine nead to hear is time to put in practise and change! Gracias

Yvettemartin, posted on May 6, 2013

Fabulous! So inspiring, funny, personal and empowering. Real tactics to start living with conscious happiness right now. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom Deepak.

laurieluvspugs, posted on May 1, 2013

Excellent. Philosophy to heal this broken world. Thank you Dr. Chopra.

Melody W, posted on January 15, 2013

I loved it and highly recommend it.

Nan, posted on January 3, 2013


Uniqueme, posted on October 5, 2012

I just love the way this man puts it down- so intelligent and so very funny. Much blessings to you Mr Chopra

kirkal028, posted on July 22, 2012

Delivers a very inspirational and timely message as usual and really personalizes it in a question and answer session with practical insights. I'm glad GAIAMTV has the free offers and surely others will get the opportunity to see it without cost, yet it's still a great value and a priceless convenience to have a program like this here. Way to go!

trebla, posted on June 13, 2012

I would watch and enjoy his message as much as I learned from hismany books. But I have to pay; the message is available only to those who have the money. Paying for our personal growth not only reflects capitalism now encrusted in spiritual tools but also defies spirituality itself by not sharing unconditionnally truths with others. What a paradox!

Arwen, posted on May 17, 2012

I enjoyed it very much.. I hope that much of what he says will stay with me....

Sassy263, posted on April 6, 2012

I enjoyed this video. The Q&A at the end was my favorite part

kozarek, posted on February 26, 2012

I totally enjoyed this talk with Deepak Chopra. Follow his 10 keys and you'll be enjoying a much happier, fulfilling life. Love his sense of humor.

adrienne76, posted on February 12, 2012

Brilliantly beautiful.

iamanda, posted on February 10, 2012

If people listened to this guy as much as they watched TV the world would be today where it is already headed-transformed. it was powerful and moving, it puts the purpose of everyone into perspective and gives ways to know who we really are

Tonya, posted on December 29, 2011

Outstanding! Brilliant! I especially enjoyed the Q & A, embracing the collective narrative holistically, and the release of negative emotion , as well as how to cultivate healthy relationships. The best, ever!

meg, posted on December 6, 2011

Am feeling calm after watching this vidio. Thank you for new concepts and for reinforcement of ones I had. I wish to know my reflection and to be at peace with that I see.

Renee Goetz, posted on December 3, 2011

It did not happ[en. I tried several times and nothing happened. I am very sad
Renee Goetz

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