The American Short Story Collection: The Golden Honeymoon Video
The Golden Honeymoon
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The American Short Story Collection: The Golden Honeymoon (1980)

Episode 6
Only available in Canada, United States

Charley Tate (James Whitmore: two-time Academy Award Nominee, and Tony Award Winner) is an old windbag, often a braggart, but somehow always lovable. Married over fifty years to his ever-patient wife Lucy (Teresa Wright – Academy Award winner), the two of them are on their Golden Honeymoon in Florida. Everything goes perfectly – until Lucy meets her former fiancée, who's also vacationing with his wife. Suddenly there's a comic competition between Charley and the old boyfriend for Lucy's attention. After fifty years, cantankerous Charley has to win his girl all over again!

EDITORS' NOTE: We think the Golden Honeymoon is very much worth watching for the sweet and amusing story and the fine cast, but please know that the picture quality is not great.

James Whitmore, Teresa Wright
Noel Black


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