Confronting Cancer…An Integrated Approach Video
Confronting Cancer…An Integrated Approach

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Confronting Cancer…An Integrated Approach (2001)

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Targeting a better quality of life on the whole, cancer care today is a synthesis of the best complementary therapies and mainstream treatments. An initial diagnosis can elicit very different responses from different people, ranging from emotional incapacitation on the one hand, to those who see it as a challenge and want to take charge. Everyone, however, is confronted by difficult decisions and choices that have to be made. To help center themselves and find balance during the rigors of treatment, alternative therapies are often integrated into conventional treatment plans. Therapies such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates, dance, massage – even kirlian photography, used to ascertain stage-appropriate therapies for the individual – can jump start self-healing on many levels. Join host Dr. Howard Torman, M.D., as we explore modern integrative cancer care on Health Choices.

Dr. Howard Torman
Bill Brown, Sandra Brown, Melissa Brown, Debu Tripathy, Jake Hobson, Barrie Cassileth, Beverly Rubik, Robert Park


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