Bob Proctor: Master Class with Interview Video
Bob Proctor: Master Class with Interview

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Bob Proctor: Master Class with Interview (2011)

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For more than 40 years, Bob Proctor has focused his work and his teachings on helping people use the power of their minds to achieve lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. But it wasn’t always thus – at age 26 he was unhappy, sick, broke, and headed in the wrong direction, until a man introduced him to a powerful book. Bob describes how his own life changed, so that today he is considered one of the living masters and teachers of the Law of Attraction and in his work he has transformed the lives of millions. Lisa Garr, creator of radio’s The Aware Show, interviews Bob Proctor for Gaiam Portraits of Inspiring Lives.

Bob Proctor, Lisa Garr
Michael Badertscher

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marlamartenson, posted on March 31, 2013

Fantastic video. I will be watching again and again. Bob Proctor's story and what he has learned over the years will help anyone on the path to living their dreams.

alexexum, posted on August 11, 2012

Bob Proctor in my mind is the authority on the law of attraction and human potential. In this unique lecture he discuss how the mind works, altering our paradigms, the law of vibration and much more. Unique to this video, Bob talks about the repetition of the right information and the mind; why personal development CD's & Videos MUST be watched over and over again. Anyone interested in the law of attraction must see this video! (be aware there are two versions, this one is missing some key info but has a reveling interview with Bob mixed in. For the full info, also watch "Bob Proctor: Master Class | GaiamTV.")

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