Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: [#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2  Video
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2
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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: [#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)

Season 1, Episode 2
Available worldwide

Continuing the discussion of the source field, David Wilcock explains how the biological universe is influencing you via the connection of non-local minds and the Law of One. As part of the living universe, everything you experience is alive, connected and thinking in the same source field. Learn how you can raise your own state of evolution to become one with the universal mind and participate in the solutions to the problems of the world in this unique presentation.

David Wilcock


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[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 2 [#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)
Season 1, Episode 2
, 30 minutes
Continuing the discussion of the source field, David Wilcock explains how the biological universe is influencing you via the connection of non-local minds and the Law of One. Learn how you can become a one with the universal ...
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kaironpaideia, posted on April 19, 2014

Your the best info teachings that i have ever heard sharing with the public.Thank you so much for the heroism courages acts that you take,so that the public can be aware of what is going on in this huge world of ours,at the hand of a small group.

roubert, posted on April 13, 2014

I just seen the first episode that I find it fabulous for embracing so many subjects with a mind so conscious and a so open , I will follow the evolution of this series with a very great Pleasure...

christine08, posted on February 12, 2014

Thank you David for sharing your gifts and blessings with me.

davidleduc1, posted on February 3, 2014

Please respond!!!!
This is my first video from your series . I have however read most of your books. My concern now is Geo engineering as published on Gaiamtv with Dean Witington. I am confused as to our ability to absorb the Suns energy if the chem-trails are blocking it out. Sunspot activity as related to human consciousness. How are we to evolve further if the sun is blocked from our planets surface? Also, I am aware that your soon to be released movie is associated heavily with the sun and consciousness via density and frequency. Unfortunately I realize my wording here is not well thought out but I believe it conveys my intent. Can you please respond!


cornerstone_42, posted on January 25, 2014

The light is getting brighter. I won't take long here but only to say that I completely understand or at least I think I do. I have had so many thoughts that change things almost instantly. I have kept the idea in my mind (through intense suffering over the past few years) that I am that I am! I am a soul having an experience in human form. One year ago my mother was dying and when I looked at her, her whole forehead opened up and I saw the universe, it was moving and I felt such joy, beyond words everything felt and breathed such freedom and love was the driving force. When she passed I saw a whiff of smoke come from her body and it curled above her and floated away. It was then I knew that we were way more than just our bodies. I have thoughts that create new energies, I see traffic more supportive and less aggressive I see people writing songs that I already heard on some level. I am afraid to mention more because I don't want it to stop. It's like one miracle after another and I am not sure exactly what I am doing and where to go from here. So thanks for all the information as I continue to piece it together and you have any insights let me know. For now I am enjoying your information and wit along with your light hearted approach to some intricate information - makes it more enjoyable. Thank you

brucepowers52, posted on January 3, 2014

Thanks for your show Your explanation of thoughts is so on the money and the the earth is a living thing along with water I read a story that a group of people where a drift in the ocean for weeks and they used their thoughts to change the characteristics of the water and they could drink the water they changed it to fresh from salt and our thoughts are all stored and can be retrieved.

brucepowers52, posted on January 3, 2014

David great Show I'm hooked, we need you to teach us, and you are a great teacher a lot of us know there is a higher conciseness 4th and 5th dimension or as you say level of awareness witch is what we need you to tell use because it's so hard to get your head around Dimensions I have no concept of "Dimension" but awareness yes I get that. Thank you

moonoracle, posted on November 20, 2013

I'm new to Gaiam TV. I agree with the other comments. Familiar material but put all together in one spot - quantum physics, to holographic universe, sacred geometry….wow! Very cool show!

8infinitefreedom, posted on November 18, 2013

Thanks for this show . I really love David Wilcock.

cenkner, posted on November 17, 2013

"There is a cord that connects them to their astral body, and electrons can be passed both way." My experience of that is, in our hearts!!!
David could you bring in HeartMath as in the hundreds of scientific instances of heart energy in particular and the notion of resonance. HeartMath is a kind of conscious intentional working with the physical heart energy, aligning the brain resonances. They have a gadget. It is fun to use with more than one person because you can "read" their alignment. If we can create what Brian Goodwin is talking about the "emergence effect" he observes in ant colonies.

7000 people meditating result in reduction in terrorism. Let's reproduce that result.
Amen to the power of the breath. "Meditate on the peace that is in each moment, and you will attract... god bless..."
Thank-you David Wilcock.

cenkner, posted on November 18, 2013

mhopecollison, posted on November 4, 2013

All I have to say about this program is thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!

alixandra, posted on November 2, 2013

Awesome!!! Studied biochem and physics and intuitively I KNEW that these photons were key. Can't wait to see Episode 2, 3, 4, etc.


sylgr84, posted on September 28, 2013

awesome! thank you very much David, can't wait to Watch the next parts.

caio.collet, posted on September 25, 2013

Maybe there should be a show about experiments, doing experiments..

khopkins2, posted on September 8, 2013

David, I read Edgar Cayce when I was a kid and my mom was reading him. I have had the good fortune (or maybe I picked this genetic pair to come into being) to be exposed to a lot of different viewpoints and material considered "out there" from a very young age. I have always liked you David, because you do seem to be the most positive out there. I was thrilled to see that I could catch you on this TV program offered on the internet without having to scroll through You Tube videos to find the latest. I love this. Just got your new book as well. Keep it up.
Kim Hopkins/Missouri

GoodeTech, posted on September 7, 2013

Listening, the story of the "Chinese" person with Teleportation abilities. I thought it would be nice to have have a place to have DW post his sources so we can follow them up as our curiosity leads us.


jazzghatora, posted on August 11, 2013

totally awesome, i'm loving your videos sir, please keep up the good work dear soul !

sarah.woodend, posted on June 29, 2013

David, what foods or supplements help activate the pineal gland?

MLobban, posted on July 25, 2013

I believe I remember David saying that fermented cod liver oil helps:


sarah.woodend, posted on June 29, 2013

What a great source of information. Thank you David - you always say it in a way that i completely "get it". Thank you for your inspiriation.

brunson6442, posted on June 27, 2013

David this show totally rocks. I look forward to watching you every Monday; I continue to tell every one I know about this "Better than Netflix" site. There has not been one boring episode with you David; you totally bring the light..... Blessings to you.

Estella.Bustos, posted on June 15, 2013

Love the Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock

joshuadharma, posted on June 8, 2013

love his way of combining science and spirituality. I am also impressed with all the videos on this website. many many good evenings of learning and exploring to come.

GoldenAgeVoyager, posted on June 7, 2013

I just subscribed yesterday to giam tv specifically to hear David Wilcock's lessons, i havn't yet gotten into anybody els's teachings but am far disappointed so far!
great material David and thanks for what you do. Im sure i speak for a lot of people when i say this is exactly what humanity needs to hear.

Theresaschore, posted on May 26, 2013

Most excellent material David. I have dug asunder in many books these past few years so hungry. Your videos are ambrosia. Thank you very much for all you have done and for being so loving to humanity by putting yourself out there for us to find you. We needed you! Yes, I sent the pink and white cloud that smells like lilacs. Thanks for reminding me I can do that and why it is possible. What you said in this video empowers me to live childlike again with wisdom and ease. A living thing this universe...we're in a playground....whodathunk? Am glad you did. Love and gratitude!

SHEILAM5, posted on May 19, 2013

I especially love your teaching about the pineal gland and our third eye. Very interesting!

Rocketmanxxxxx, posted on May 17, 2013

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Thank you, David.

chandira2012, posted on May 7, 2013

The wisdom teachings series of david wilcock is numbered so hapazardly and all over the place. For God's sake name them with chronological number so that we know the order in which the series is broadcast, just like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc. Will you ? How can you put part 2 first and then part one of a talk at a later date. Its all bloody CONFUSING !!

Secondly please make available a recently added icon for the Roku/ smart TV app!!

Thank you in advance for listening!!

thcsociety, posted on April 29, 2013

why do most of the psychics seem to appear in Russia and China? Drunvalo Melchizedek says in one of his talks that Indigo Children tend to apear where there are lots of computers and most psychic children appear in the East, but I would have thought that China would have lots of computers. Maybe it's affected by the resticted use of the internet that the Chinese suffer.
Do you have any thoughts on this David?
Do you have practical advice on how to increase our psychic ability?
And do you have any advice on how to lift our planetary quarantine?
love and light :-)

nejie, posted on April 19, 2013

I just love David WIlcox. I agree with all he says. It is great! I can’t say I follow through on all that he says, but I believe him. I am working on meditation and not judging and accept things how they are. I also believe the conspiracy theories. It does make sense. Love can’t wait till monday for part 3! Thank you David WIlcox!

sandrakennedy75, posted on April 16, 2013

Just absolutely thrilled...I have gone to Divine Cosmos so many time frustrated. waiting to hear more.... I have been following you for year. So excited!!

rem37, posted on April 16, 2013

Every time I listen to or read Gregg Braden, I feel closer to my neighbor, and
therefore closer to the God of my Universe. Closer to the feeling of peace I am constantly searching for. Closer to myself.

LANSP, posted on April 15, 2013

s.stanfield, posted on April 15, 2013

1) I like his sincerity and passion for his material.

2) I agree with the point that it is hard to read the words. Bigger, and a better contrast of color.

3) Perhaps a little more detail on what he will be covering in the following week - to whet our appetite more specifically.

4) Thanks for having him on the Internet this way. It's win-win-win. :-)

8infinitefreedom, posted on April 15, 2013

The words need to be bigger in my opinion. It's hard to read what's on the display. Over all I love Davids work though. The content is magnificent. Nina

8infinitefreedom, posted on April 15, 2013

I overall really love Davids video. I'm planning on watching all of them. Just one little complaint. It's harder to hear him talking when the music is playing at the sam time. There are a few parts of the video when this is happening. Could you pleas turn the music down while he is talking or turn it off. I'm trying to concentrate on just davids words. Thanks.

travmk21, posted on April 14, 2013

David, thank you so much for providing me the science of what I call LifeParticles. I find that the more I use LifeParticles and the more I learn the science of it, the more my brain enjoys it and makes it more real. Thank you for showing the bridge between science and spirituality!

engagingplot, posted on April 14, 2013

cant wait to hear the topics discussed once viewers get involved. glad i subscribed, im a big fan of davids webpage, DivinecCosmos . com

yabrino, posted on April 12, 2013

love u david in a very spiritual way. pls keep up your wonderful work, know that i am so very proud of u and hope to see u once we get to that spiritual orgasmic and cosmic moment, ONE.

destrees3, posted on April 12, 2013

excellent I SAY...

breathe543, posted on April 12, 2013

LOVE it!!! You are so awesome. Sending you and the world Peace! Thank YOU!

ruiz_angel.et, posted on April 12, 2013

This is amazing!

ariel, posted on April 12, 2013

Looking forward to your show. Thank you!

michelleconsults, posted on April 11, 2013

I will so look forward to your show each week. what a Brilliant series! I would also love to share with you info on the Wholeness Blessing. Many are being trained by Joe Crane to offer the Wholeness Blessing. This comes through Archangel Michael to Joe Crane.
The Blessing brings together all the fragmented parts of a person to join the physical DNA with the Spiritual. Please see Joe Crane's site beatpeace.net for more info as well as my Facebook page Facebook.com/wholenessclass You wanted to know what we are passionate about -- for me it is this and beginning diplomatic dialogue with our Off Planet Family. My website for that is etexperiencers.com
Thank you for ALL you do for us. Bless your Heart!

hank7of9, posted on April 11, 2013

Brilliant, you are so made for this format... So happy you are not dumbing down your explanations and we are still able to follow you... the information is priceless... I attended your conference in Austin, Texas... I can tell this information is coming straight out of your incredible mind... I know there was no tele-prompter,,, Was there?..
thank you from my heart...

AshmoreMY, posted on April 9, 2013

Great...can't wait to start watching....more astrology please!

alexpainchaud, posted on April 9, 2013

I would really like for you ro address the incredible process that is hapenning right now concerning the One People's Public Trust. Heather Tucci-Jaraff and 2 other trustees used the law of the corporations.. the ultimate law of the PTW and released earth, humans and everything that was held under that law. They returned it to source and declared the Natural Law and the Law of one to be the main governance... She foreclosed on every single bank and fake countries. She ended the Eternal Heart contract and specified it was time for absolute data, unfied consciousness and the end of duality! This has been all done with full liability and in a legal and lawful manner. She used to be an attorney for the banking cartel and she actually served her notices to the Rothschild Familly personaly. Talk about some incredible person! Please David, I think it is worth mentioning and reading.. Everything is out in the public domain. All the UCC filings which are the legal means that she used. You can all find it on the web if you look up on the internet. Now I don't want to look like I am promoting something so I wont post the link in here. But should you need any information please contact me. Thank you and keep up your incredible work! Alexandre, Quebec, Canada

elsavelazquez1, posted on April 9, 2013

Hello Dr. Wilcock (I think you are the best doctor of everything out there), I've taken the vow of the Boddhisatva for lifetimes. I sometimes interact with people who are in a mind-space that they don't seem to like, and also say they don't believe in the approach that we create our own reality and carry the burden of life on their back. With them, I try and try to maintain a good attitude and I don't push these teachings on them because it's their right to free will to choose to believe and follow or not, but I eventually find myself quite exhausted. I am working on not being an empath, but I also don't know at what point the exhaustion with those individuals makes it hard for me to be as available to others who are on board with this type of thinking. When or how should I make the distinction between letting them be, and distancing myself, and how should i know that i should keep being around that person and try to help them see that others DO care about them? I don't want to abandon anybody, especially in my personal life. I know it's likely a lesson in my thoughts and belief in this becoming stronger, and I appreciate that lesson infinitely. Do I continue to keep those people around me? I have no kids or husband, no real material needs (the universe provides me everything), and a great immediate family. I do understand that it is those less than happy people that are doing me the favor, but I run out of ideas on how to keep myself happy and them also. Any advice about how to decide if one should be selective about friends and relationships or if part of the bigger lesson is to serve as much as possible, in a selfless and loving way, without expectation? thank you.

Denca1, posted on June 2, 2013

You cannot force a belief or a wish on others as this would infringe on their free will. Patience with these people goes along way, sometimes we just need to sit back and watch things play out as they should when we step in a try to help or save someone we are actually changing the out come of what they came here to learn. We should always remember that we have all come here good or bad to learn what we need to learn so the best thing we can do for others is just to support them in their decisions even if we know they are bad ones. You may want to get David's video Access your higher self their is great information in this video that helps.

Good Luck and don't forget to help yourself as well!

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