Yoga for Weight Loss Kit

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Yoga for Weight Loss Kit

Jill Miller

Ignite your metabolism and increase endurance with this fat-burning yoga workout. Uniquely designed 3 lb. push-up weights add resistance to help you lose weight faster. The ergonomic weights are integrated into each pose in this 60 minute workout to heat up your body for ultra-efficient toning and fat burning. The round bolster helps add support to poses and with it’s unique rounded shape, can be used as a comfortable seat during the post-workout meditation. This program features 3 - 20 minute workouts.


Functional Strengthening Video
Episode 1 Functional Strengthening
Functional Strengthening
Episode 1
, 34 minutes
In Functional Strengthening, Jill Miller helps you to concentrate on toning buttocks, the core, and arms to prepare for the exercises found in the Kinetic Conditioning segment.
Available worldwide
Kinetic Conditioning Video
Episode 2 Kinetic Conditioning
Kinetic Conditioning (2008)
Episode 2
, 34 minutes
In Kinetic Conditioning, Jill Miller helps you to build a yoga practice with both static and dynamic poses lending you a new perspective to view your inner world and create whole body health
Available worldwide
Bonus Core Connect Video
Episode 3 Bonus Core Connect
Bonus Core Connect (2008)
Episode 3
, 16 minutes
Yoga instructor Jill Miller shows you how to strengthen abdominal muscles from every conceivable angle. Different poses are used to isolate and work the different muscles in the abdomen and builds core strength.
Available worldwide

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lkirbymartin, posted on November 16, 2012

So happy to find this series which provides a functional training option. Helps strengthen back and core in different ways than traditional ab work so you can really feel the stabilization. It is challenging but adaptable and very do-able. And you'll sweat a bit! Very thorough teacher.
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