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Yoga for Meditation

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Yoga for Meditation

Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee offers an innovative union of yoga and meditation that is accessible to anyone looking to bring more peace and stillness into their life. Five meditations are offered in this yoga video: Mountain, Garden, Tree, Wind and Sky. Each of the practices builds upon each other, bringing you into a deep meditative practice unifying mind and breath to help you become present, in the moment. Join Rodney Yee, as he guides you through gentle poses and movements that turn your attention deep into the landscape of your inner being.


Mountain Video
Episode 1 Mountain
Mountain (2005)
Episode 1
, 13 minutes
Rodney Yee guides you through a gentle series of flowing poses for a transition from the ordinary activities of your day into a meditative space.
Available worldwide
Garden Video
Episode 2 Garden
Garden (2005)
Episode 2
, 11 minutes
Rodney Yee offers a series of gentle hip opening poses that help you to discover the fertile ground from which you can grow your sitting meditative practice.
Available worldwide
Tree Video
Episode 3 Tree
Tree (2005)
Episode 3
, 10 minutes
In this meditation, Rodney Yee introduces four traditional sitting poses, for meditation, with gentle encouragement to increase your flexibility and deepen your meditative state.
Available worldwide
Wind Video
Episode 4 Wind
Wind (2005)
Episode 4
, 10 minutes
Rodney Yee offers a guided exploration of your breath, in a supine position, helping you to release tension and relax deeply as your breath flows through your entire being.
Available worldwide

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Rivkee, posted on December 24, 2012

Yoga for Meditation: Mountain. Relaxing, calming, just the right amount of stretch. And Rodney Yee's instructions are crystal clear. I barely needed to look at the screen. Highly recommend.

blbusby, posted on February 15, 2012

I use this meditation before going to sleep at night - it is wonderful!

mindsprig, posted on February 11, 2012

I often have a difficult time understanding the terminology used in Rodney Yee's videos, but this one was exceptionally easy to follow and feels great.

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