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Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss with Marne - 1/4 Modified Beginners Practice

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Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss with Marne - 1/4 Modified Beginners Practice


Support your body in losing weight naturally with this personalized yoga practice. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss delivers an effective, easy-to-follow program for all levels of fitness and flexibility. Lead by yoga instructor Marne Jaye Shapiro, this quarter modified version of the program is designed for those who are ready to build strength and stamina with minimal prop usage. Get ready to take your weight-loss yoga practice to the next level. In addition to stretching, meditation and stress reduction, yoga has many therapeutic benefits — including the power to help you lose weight and keep it off. Start looking and feeling great in no time!

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Body and Breath Awareness  Video
Episode 1 Body and Breath Awareness
Body and Breath Awareness
Episode 1
, 11 minutes
Join Marne as she shows more experienced users how to loosen those muscles and heat your core in this Body and Breath warm-up for weight loss!
Available worldwide
Active Yoga Conditioning Video
Episode 2 Active Yoga Conditioning
Active Yoga Conditioning
Episode 2
, 21 minutes
Energize your body and activate your body's natural ability to lose weight with this personalized practice. Designed for those with who need minimal props and seek to lose those last few pounds, this results-oriented routine ...
Available worldwide
Balance and Relaxation  Video
Episode 3 Balance and Relaxation
Balance and Relaxation
Episode 3
, 15 minutes
Renew your sense of peace and balance with this calming cool-down sequence of yoga poses. Yoga instructor Marne Jaye Shapiro leads through these relaxing and restoring poses for more experienced users who are aiming to lose ...
Available worldwide

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karrey2000, posted on August 15, 2013

I'm intermediate and have come to hold sun salutations as high priority for energizing and centering my body. This video has none, not even downward dog. No getting muscles ready for stretches before beginning and no shivasina (sp?)....not a complete yoga experience in my opinion.

Peach, posted on January 29, 2013

Great for beginners and people that always thought they aren't able to do yoga for whatever reason like myself - not thin enough, not flexible enough, etc. This was my intro into yoga and im loving it. Really relaxes and centers you, just what I needed right now. Everytime I do it I feel like a happier, calmer, more present individual.

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