Yoga for Balance

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Yoga for Balance

Suzanne Deason

The essence of yoga is balance. A healthy body, a calm mind and a peaceful spirit all existing in complete and lasting harmony. To live in balance is to live your life to your full potential. Yoga practice is much more than a physical workout, it is a way to use your body to enhance the deeper emotional and spiritual levels of your life as well. The secret is in the simplicity of the yoga postures. As you settle into the poses, your concentration expands past the physical level of body and breath toward what the ancient yoga masters called stillness. This is a moment when you are poised between effort and release, between contraction and expansion. This program is designed to help your focus evolve from fragmentation to wholeness, by following three key segments: Breath, Posture, and Centering. Join Suzanne Deason as you expand your yoga and live your balance.


Breath Video
Episode 1 Breath
Episode 1
, 6 minutes
The essence of yoga is balance. This program is designed to help your focus evolve your ability to find your center through breath.
Available worldwide
Posture Video
Episode 2 Posture
Episode 2
, 22 minutes
Suzanne Deasona
The essence of yoga is balance. This program is designed to help strengthen your lower body, focus your mind and bring power and awareness to your center.
Available worldwide
Centering Video
Episode 3 Centering
Episode 3
, 28 minutes
Centering will help you focus on just your core with simple twists, gentle backbends and abdominal strengthening poses
Available worldwide

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canadadice, posted on March 23, 2015

A lovely landscape to do a flowing but vigorous morning yoga! Great for those of us still in the dark. Namaste

KimH4, posted on December 24, 2014

Wow ...How Relaxing. Your voice works so well with everything else

mississippigirl, posted on August 12, 2014

Nice short practice! Would definitly reccomend this!

missymomof3ky, posted on November 12, 2013

loved it

pnowling, posted on July 16, 2013

Poses went too fast and too much balance required for a beginner.

krisarnett, posted on February 2, 2012

The stretches were less than 5 seconds each. So I really felt no benefit from this and the video cut off early.

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