The New Art Doctor: In the Lake District

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The New Art Doctor: In the Lake District (2010)


In a world that seems to be moving at a million miles an hour, The New Art Doctor returns us to gentler times and allows us to watch a real work of art being created before our eyes. Artist Keith Fenwick draws in audiences and hypnotizes them with his persona, presenting and painting.

Filmed entirely on location in the outstandingly beautiful and picturesque Lake District in the North of England, The New Art Doctor combines the revelation of incisive art techniques with a great deal of good humor set against a backdrop of some of England’s most eye-pleasing scenery. The audience will be privy to many of the tricks and tips to painting that Keith has amassed over his forty-plus years of painting.

Keith Fenwick’s original techniques, skill and humor encourage anyone and everyone to pick up a paint brush and have a go!


River Derwent Video
Episode 1 River Derwent
River Derwent (2010)
Episode 1
, 50 minutes
Keith Fenwick paints a beautiful river scape, but he shows us how to use artistic license to paint more than meets the eye.
Only available in Canada, United States
Watendlath Video
Episode 2 Watendlath
Watendlath (2010)
Episode 2
, 56 minutes
Keith Fenwick visits the small hamlet of Watendlath, where a beautiful old stone bridge arches across a river.
Only available in Canada, United States
Blake Hills Farm Video
Episode 3 Blake Hills Farm
Blake Hills Farm (2010)
Episode 3
, 57 minutes
Blake Hills Farm makes a pleasing composition and is typical of a Lakeland farmhouse and stone barns.
Only available in Canada, United States
Causey Pike Video
Episode 4 Causey Pike
Causey Pike (2010)
Episode 4
, 51 minutes
Artist Keith Fenwick takes us to Crow Park on a cold, windy day.
Only available in Canada, United States

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