Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions For Back Pain

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Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions For Back Pain


Reduce and prevent back pain. Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s most trusted medical centers, and Gaiam, the health and wellness experts, team up to bring you this groundbreaking, integrated health action plan designed specifically to relieve back pain. Learn about integrative therapies and preventative care, gentle yoga to strengthen your back and release neck, shoulder and back tension, and easy lifestyle tips. Changing the way you live can change the way you feel.


Understanding the Condition Video
Episode 1 Understanding the Condition
Understanding the Condition
Episode 1
, 26 minutes
Reduce and prevent back pain. Mayo Clinic doctors explain what you need to know about back pain, the structure of the back, and why most back pain is benign.
Available worldwide
Nutrition Video
Episode 2 Nutrition
Episode 2
, 17 minutes
Change your diet to feel better. Mayo Clinic staff share smart ways to eat healthy every day and practical tips to simplify meal planning.
Available worldwide
Yoga Video
Episode 3 Yoga
Episode 3
, 31 minutes
Strengthen your core muscles and release tension with gentle yoga. Rodney Yee, America’s favorite yoga instructor, leads an easy-to-follow yoga practice and a stress-relieving meditation to relax your body and mind.
Available worldwide

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caroleR, posted on July 8, 2013

These are very informative videos and the yoga practices that go with each video are awesome!!!! I've tried all of them and some of them are in my regular rotation now. Most are led by Rodney Yee, and one is by Colleen Saidman. All in all, you get great medical advice, nutrition info, and a wonderful yoga practice with each video. And you can benefit from the yoga practice whether you have the condition or not.

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