The Master of the Spirits

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The Master of the Spirits


Long ago, Earth was dominated by supernatural spirits, living in the forest. Man however, lived in perfect harmony with them, thanks to a sacred alliance he concluded with the animals. This common destiny protected man from these spirits. Out of this alliance came incredible legends. Handed down from generation to generation, these legends have always been considered to be ancient history.

Today however, throughout the world, there exist ethnic minorities whose daily lives continue to bear witness to contemporary myths: these legends are their faith, and the animals, their gods. Thus, they are perpetuating the sacred alliance between man and the animals of the wild.

By recounting extraordinary true stories, Master of the Spirits has sought out these peoples, who continue to share incredible adventures with animals, hoping to receive the spirit’s protection. From the pythons hunter horsemen of the Cameroon forest to the eagle tamers of the Kirghizstan mountains, this collection features striking face to face encounters between men and animals, and reveals the most wondrous of beliefs which unite them in the spectacular, thousand-year-old fulfillment of a magical destiny.


In Search of the Giant Snake Video
Episode 1 In Search of the Giant Snake
In Search of the Giant Snake
Episode 1
, 27 minutes
The only possibility for Kilo to send his son to school is to capture a python and sell its skin. But the Giant snake is a feared devil… One needs a lot of courage and magic to confront him!
Only available in Canada, United States
The Fish of Gods Video
Episode 2 The Fish of Gods
The Fish of Gods
Episode 2
, 26 minutes
Fakir Bahadur, the chief of the Raji village of Ghatgaon, and his son go up the Karnali River in search for the golden masheer, the fish of gods.
Only available in Canada, United States
The World of the Punans Video
Episode 3 The World of the Punans
The World of the Punans
Episode 3
, 28 minutes
To survive in the jungle the Punan hunt. But when a wild game is killed, its little orphans – monkeys or otters – become members of their families.
Only available in Canada, United States
Hassan Bai’ake Video
Episode 4 Hassan Bai’ake
Hassan Bai’ake
Episode 4
, 27 minutes
Hassan Baï’ake, one of the last eaglers of Central Asia, teaches his grandson the art of being an eagler.
Only available in Canada, United States

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