Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Inversions

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Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Inversions


Inversions help you see the world in a different way. That’s because being upside down forces you to face your fear as you move toward the unknown. Learn the ins and outs of these exhilarating poses.

The Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals series features unmatched online yoga instruction from world-renowned instructors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.


Introduction to Inversions Video
Episode 1 Introduction to Inversions
Introduction to Inversions (2008)
Episode 1
, 5 minutes
Progress toward successful inversions with these helpful tips.
Available worldwide
Reclined Mountain Pose Video
Episode 2 Reclined Mountain Pose
Reclined Mountain Pose (2008)
Episode 2
, 4 minutes
Gain awareness of the key body parts necessary for inversions in reclined mountain pose/supta tadasana.
Available worldwide
Volcano Video
Episode 3 Volcano
Volcano (2008)
Episode 3
, 5 minutes
Explore how to position the chest and arms for handstand while on your feet in volcano/urdhva hastasana.
Available worldwide
Handstand Preparation Video
Episode 4 Handstand Preparation
Handstand Preparation (2008)
Episode 4
, 5 minutes
Use added support to safely work up to handstand.
Available worldwide

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