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Beginner Toning Ball

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Beginner Toning Ball

Tanja Djelevic

Learn all the basic movements with tips on how to handle the Toning Ball with fitness expert Tanja Djelevic. This beginner’s workout is designed to tone and strengthen your entire body by combining functional fitness moves with the added resistance of the Toning Ball. Rather than isolating individual muscles, the Toning Ball workout integrates several muscle groups simultaneously for the greatest possible benefit.

The 10-minute specific body-area segments allow you to break down your workout when you’re pressed for time, or you can combine them for a longer workout that will really rev up your metabolism.


Lower Body Workout Video
Episode 1 Lower Body Workout
Lower Body Workout
Episode 1
, 10 minutes
Firm glutes, tone thighs and slim hips with this 10-minute slow-paced lower-body beginner’s workout using the added resistance of the Toning Ball.
Available worldwide
Upper Body Workout Video
Episode 2 Upper Body Workout
Upper Body Workout
Episode 2
, 10 minutes
Strengthen and sculpt your upper back, shoulder, biceps and triceps with this 10-minute slow-paced upper-body beginner’s workout using the added resistance of the Toning Ball.
Available worldwide
Core Conditioning Workout Video
Episode 3 Core Conditioning Workout
Core Conditioning Workout
Episode 3
, 11 minutes
Strengthen and sculpt your entire mid-section with this 10-minute slow-paced core conditioning beginner’s workout using the whole body and the added resistance of the Toning Ball.
Available worldwide
Bonus Cardio Workout Video
Episode 4 Bonus Cardio Workout
Bonus Cardio Workout
Episode 4
, 10 minutes
Get your heart rate pumping and burn calories with this 10-minute low-impact beginner’s cardio workout using the added resistance of the Toning Ball.
Available worldwide

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lkellar55, posted on August 5, 2014

...and to follow along with such a lovely tone of voice -- inner joy, self-acceptance and playfulness makes me optimistic about my workout and gives me energy! Perhaps my favorite of all the videos on here. She give instruction that I trust, as a former dancer. I know she knows what she's doing.

alexis.tepp, posted on August 5, 2014

I thought it was a great video, especially for someone who hasn't worked out much in a while! However, I used the 6 lb ball, which was perfect for me!

daphne719, posted on March 19, 2014

Missed the part in the write up that stated "beginner." This is a very easy workout. I like Tanja, but not this series.

nokneed, posted on February 21, 2013

I used this one with others. It definitely gives every major core muscle at least a one time workout, so I think its a good addition for a quick all over working. I did not like the twists in the beginning, because my back can get thrown out of whack with those moves, and thats my main complaint, as I had to really watch what I was doing so Ididnt have to visit the chiropractor again.

jn0702, posted on October 16, 2012

I thought these workouts were ok - hit all the main areas, but they were so slow that I was a little bored. The ab one was actually the most disappointing. I used an 8lb ball to try to get a decent workout and would typically do more reps.

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