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Mari Winsor Beginner‘s Pilates

Discover how proper form can make all the difference in how you feel.

Get the most out of your Pilates workout from the number 1 instructor, Mari Winsor. This is the definitive beginner’s guide to learning correct form and alignment to achieve faster, safer results. Develop the long, lean muscles Pilates is famous for, while increasing your strength and energy level.

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Bridge/Hero Pose

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Open your hip flexors and chest with bridge/setu bandha and reclined hero/supta virasana.

Abs Ball Workout

Power-sculpt your core with the added resistance of the sure-grip, two-handled abs ball and these two complete guided workouts - beginner and advanced.

The Gaiam Abs Ball workout is a great abs workout for men, designed to strengthen your core and sculpt your abs. This unique two-handled ball is easy to grip, and the weight is the recommended resistance for optimal torso-reshaping results. These two workouts features seven-time Iron Man triathlete Jonathan Roche who guides you through each 12-minute workouts (beginner and advanced) teaching you moves such as the "3-Layered Crunch" and "Russian Twist" to effectively chisel your torso and reveal your abs.

Leslie Sansone Walk away the Pounds - The Morning Mile Plus Abs

Start your morning off on the right foot with the Leslie Sansone Morning Mile Walk Plus Abs workout.

Energize your morning routine with the brisk mile walking DVD . Leslie Sansone guides you through a simple routine of side steps, marches and gentle kicks that will get your heart pumping and will put a spring in your step. A quick abs segment will boost your metabolism for a slender waistline. A great way to start your day.

Pilates Beginning Mat Workout

Pilates Beginning Mat Workout is an easy to follow basics skills workout that emphasizes how to use the core muscles in order strengthen the abdominals and back while learning proper form and technique.

Certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabán guides you through the beginning fundamentals of a Pilates mat workout. In the first session of this Pilates video, she will demonstrates alignment and technique while explaining the cue words you will hear. This short section is all about you learning how to do the basics movements in Pilates. Session 2 is a challenging 20-minute series of Pilates moves with clear instruction on technique, breathing, and form.

Leslie Sansone - You Can Do Abs

With Yoga Can Do Abs Leslie Sansone teaches you the most effective ways to use your stability ball, plus three different workouts that will add variety and results

By using this Stability Ball exercise video 2-3 times per week for four weeks, you can: Trim inches off your waistline; Firm up your abdominal and back muscles; strengthen your arms, chest and shoulders; Get an effective, head-to-toe, strengthening workout. This video has three progressive practice segments, each one designed to take you a step closer to greater results: Using Your Stability Ball, The Core Workout and The Upper-Body Workout.

Required Equipment: Stability Ball.

The FIRM Total Body Workout- Cardio Sculpt Fusion

The FIRM Master Instructor Emily Welsh created this low impact, low intensity workout applying the principles of cross-training.

The FIRM Master Instructor Emily Welsh created this low impact, low intensity workout applying the principles of cross-training. No matter your current weight loss regimen, these workouts blend light cardio, flowing body sculpting, and dynamic yoga and Pilates giving you the variety needed to bust plateaus.

Cardio lovers, rest your achy, tired muscles with extra stretching and improve your endurance with light total body sculpting. Gym rats, lengthen and strengthen the overlooked muscles of your body for a sleeker look. Yogis or Pilates practitioners, try fluid, weighted exercises and gentle cardio to get your body moving and your heart pumping. Whether you’ve been working out for years, or are just getting started, add this total body workout on a regular basis to your existing training program and you’ll get better results from all your workouts!

Pilates for Beginners

Pilates can help strengthen and streamline your posture, help increase your balance, energy level and mental focus.

Pilates unique system of movement developed over 90 years ago. Pilates can help strengthen and streamline your posture, help increase your balance, energy level and mental focus. Jillian Hessel has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years. She has developed her BEAM method (Breathe, Energize, Align and Move) to help you build up to the classic Pilates exercises.

The first section of Pilates for Beginners teaches you the fundamentals of the BEAM method. The second section features a fundamentals workout. In the third section, the classic Pilates mat class is presented in three levels of difficulty are demonstrated so you can choose the right fitness level for you.

Kettlenetics Slim & Tone

Get into the best shape of your life with these innovative kettlebell workouts with Michelle Khai.

Whether your are looking for a beginner or advanced workout these specialized Kettlebell exercises will help you get your body into the best shape it has even been in. Start with Learn the Moves in order to safely and effectively familiarize yourself with the Kettlebells dynamic motion and function. Then move onto Flowmotion Basics where you will learn how to safely use the Kettle Bell with fluid dance based movements. Then when you’re ready for an intense cardio workout that will be sure to leave you breathless try Cardio Balanced. With Kettlenetics you’ll get the results you’ve been waiting to see.

Recommended Equipment: four-pound Kettle Bell

BalanceBall For Beginners – Workout

Renowned Pilates and yoga instructor Suzanne Deason integrates the principles of muscle control and core toning with deep breathing and asanas using a large exercise ball for transformative full-body and spot-treatment resistance training.

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