The practice of meditation creates a sanctuary of peace, awareness and stillness within the body. By bringing your focus to the breath, meditation helps to clear the mind of unnecessary stress, creating a balanced, healthy and vibrant connection between body and mind. Our collection of soothing meditation videos guides you through simple and effective meditations, suitable for any practitioner.

Astral Traveler Video
Astral Traveler (2008)
31 minutes
Take a voyage through both inner and outer realities as you fly through star fields, gas clouds, fractal formations and mystical worlds. Soothing soundscapes help unlock your mind to long-forgotten secrets of ancient, ...
Available worldwide
The Fractal Meditation System Video
The Fractal Meditation System (2011)
4 Episodes
The Fractal Meditation System combines video and audio to create a powerful brainwave meditation effect. As the brainwave entrainment audio takes you into the desired meditative entrainment state, the fractal animations work to enhance the effect by visually stimulating the mind into an enhanced ...
Breath of Light: A Liquid Mandala Video
Breath of Light: A Liquid Mandala (2007)
42 minutes
Offered with reverence and humility, Breath of Light is a modern meditative experience and an homage to nature.
Available worldwide
Daily Meditation Video
Daily Meditation
3 Episodes
Begin and end the day with with this centering meditation video. Practicing meditation daily can help you move through the day with inner calm and focus.
Multiverse Video
Multiverse (2009)
45 minutes
Most of us think in terms of a single reality that we call the universe. What if there are realities beyond our own that are so different that they are almost beyond comprehension. Now you can embark on a voyage to some of ...
Available worldwide
Meditation for Beginners Video
Meditation for Beginners (2002)
74 minutes
Mindfulness is a universal meditation, which is a path of self-discovery and exploration. Through this practice we learn to pause and relax and get quiet with ourselves. From that place, a new energy comes into expression and ...
Available worldwide
This Is Your Brain on Meditation with Joe Dispenza Video
Season 1, Episode 19
This Is Your Brain on Meditation with Joe Dispenza (April 2013)Healing Matrix
Season 1, Episode 19
, 65 minutes
Can simple meditation practices help you re-wire your brain? Yes, explains Joe Dispenza, D.C., author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.
Available worldwide
Pranayama & Meditation Video
Pranayama & Meditation (2011)
20 minutes
Access a calm, natural state of being with an alternate nostril breath series.
Available worldwide
School of Thought Video
School of Thought (2008)
49 minutes
A small midwestern school joins forces with a legendary Hollywood director David Lynch in an ambitious mission to eliminate violence and life-threatening stress in schools across the planet
Only available in Canada, United States
Live Beyond the Edge: An Awakening Video
Live Beyond the Edge: An Awakening (2010)
4 Episodes
For people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening, solutions that once worked now no longer address their core issues. Panache Desai delivers a timely message, calling you to discover your divine nature and leap into the unknown to live beyond the edge.
Universal Unity with John Hagelin Video
Season 1, Episode 1
Universal Unity with John Hagelin (2012)On the Road with Lilou
Season 1, Episode 1
, 51 minutes
As he takes a break from a conference on non-duality in Dorn, Holland, Lilou Mace talks with John Hagelin about the connection of the unified field of theory with ancient Vedic traditions and a transcending meditation that ...
Available worldwide
Ancestral Meditation Medicine (Isma'el Jamal) Video
Episode 25
Ancestral Meditation Medicine (Isma'el Jamal) (1999)Living in Balance
Episode 25
, 23 minutes
Georgia Shakti-Hill interviews Brother Jamal, an African Shaman, about Shamanism and how to use plants to enhance health.
Available worldwide
Transcendental Meditation (Sam Farling) Video
Episode 87
Transcendental Meditation (Sam Farling) (1999)Living in Balance
Episode 87
, 23 minutes
Sam Farling talks about Transcendental Meditation and how it can bring you to an even higher state of awareness and peace.
Available worldwide
The Method: Meditations Through Movement Video
The Method: Meditations Through Movement
2 Episodes
Find balance between the manic and the mundane with The Method: Meditations Through Movement.
Relaxation and Breathing for Meditation Video
Relaxation and Breathing for Meditation (2003)
69 minutes
Relaxation and breathwork prepare you for meditation, the practice of silencing the mind to instill a sense of calm and contentment. Rodney Yee guides this program of gentle yoga poses and breathing techniques to bring body ...
Available worldwide
Open Minds: The Road to Enlightenment with Martin Birrittella Video
Season 3, Episode 21
The Road to Enlightenment with Martin Birrittella (November 2013)Open Minds
Season 3, Episode 21
, 57 minutes
After experiencing a Kundalini awakening, Martin Birrittella was determined to make enough money to support a life of meditation and spiritual contemplation. This road was not always easy. Now, Martin Birritella shares his ...
Available worldwide
Yoga for Meditation Video
Yoga for Meditation (2005)
6 Episodes
Rodney Yee offers an innovative union of Yoga and meditation through gentle poses and movements that turn your attention deep into the landscape of your inner being.
Your Brain on God with Mark Waldman Video
Season 4, Episode 1
Your Brain on God with Mark Waldman (April 2013)Inspirations
Season 4, Episode 1
, 58 minutes
Does spiritual belief actually change the human brain? Therapist Mark Waldman discusses how meditation, spirituality and prayer can alter the way the brain functions – for the better.
Available worldwide
Meditation for a Modern World with davidji Video
Season 6, Episode 12
Meditation for a Modern World with davidji (May 2014)Inspirations
Season 6, Episode 12
, 58 minutes
You sit down to meditate, only to be distracted by thoughts, noise or your never-ending to-do list. You yearn to be less reactive in stressful situations, have the ability to clear your mind and remain in the present moment.
Available worldwide
Meditation & the Five Elements Video
Meditation & the Five Elements (2011)
21 minutes
Learn subtle alignment cues to help you sit in meditation longer and with more ease.
Available worldwide
CMN: Sarah McLean on Meditation Video
Season 6, Episode 12
Sarah McLean on Meditation (March 2010)Conscious Media Network
Season 6, Episode 12
, 36 minutes
Sarah McLean, the founding director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company, explains why silence and listening is so important in our lives.
Available worldwide
Moments of Peace: Where the Path Leads Video
Moments of Peace: Where the Path Leads (2009)
114 minutes
Take just a moment of calm and leave behind the speed, anxiety and stress of today's hectic lifestyle. Allow your mind to be still as you absorb glorious images of six spectacular ancient standing stone circles along with ...
Available worldwide
Meditation: The Complete Guide (Patricia Monoghan) Video
Episode 98
Meditation: The Complete Guide (Patricia Monoghan) (2000)Book Tours
Episode 98
, 24 minutes
Patricia Monoghan, author of Meditation: The Complete Guide, talks about practicing meditation every day.
Available worldwide
Divine Love Meditation (Hari Dasi) Video
Episode 61
Divine Love Meditation (Hari Dasi) (1999)Living in Balance
Episode 61
, 24 minutes
Western convert to Hinduism, Hari Dasi shows viewers what Hindu religion is all about.
Available worldwide
Meditation Moments (Jay Tyler) Video
Episode 37
Meditation Moments (Jay Tyler) (2001)Living in Balance
Episode 37
, 24 minutes
Meditation is important for our minds and Jay Tyler shares the benefits of meditation for us.
Available worldwide
Power of Silence Video
Power of Silence (2001)Common Ground
48 minutes
Different spiritual leaders speak about the power of silence with healing, centering, focusing and improving one’s over all being.
Available worldwide
CMN: Doug Bentley on Deeksha and the Oneness Meditation Video
Season 8, Episode 15
Doug Bentley on Deeksha and the Oneness Meditation (April 2012)Conscious Media Network
Season 8, Episode 15
, 44 minutes
Doug Bentley is one of a handful of guides traveling the globe offering Deeksha, a blessing to awaken and divinely guide the Kundalini, to anyone that can attend a Oneness Meditation event and dedicates his life to this practice.
Available worldwide
Path of Freedom Video
Path of Freedom (2012)
10 minutes
In the harsh environment of a Rhode Island men's prison, a group of fifty inmates are transforming their lives through the practice of meditation.
Available worldwide
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