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David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series. Combining esoteric philosophy, alternative science and historical fact, Wilcock offers viewers the chance to rediscover our ancient systems of physics and spirituality. This series is best watched in consecutive order..

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Karma and the Cryptic Symbolism of the Cabal

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Episode List

[#92] A Human Face for an Alien Agenda Video
Season 3, Episode 11
[#92] A Human Face for an Alien Agenda (December 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 11
, 33 minutes
The rich and powerful have secured their place among the secret government by providing financial and material support for the Cabal. David Wilcock offers advice for transcending fear in order to rescind the permission needed ...
Available worldwide
[#91] Exposing and Defeating the Cabal Video
Season 3, Episode 10
[#91] Exposing and Defeating the Cabal (December 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 10
, 29 minutes
A vast majority of extraterrestrial humans have formed a secret government on Earth. By exposing who the Cabal is and what their plans are, David Wilcock provides us with the means to defeat the cabal at their own game.
Available worldwide
[#90] Georgia Guidestones’ Crypto-cube Deciphered Video
Season 3, Episode 9
[#90] Georgia Guidestones’ Crypto-cube Deciphered (December 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 9
, 33 minutes
August 2014, a mysterious cube appears atop the Georgia Guidestones. A month later it is smashed, and mysterious inscriptions on the other sides were revealed. David Wilcock decodes the meanings of these mysterious ...
Available worldwide
[#89] Kozyrev’s Mirrors and Biocommunication Video
Season 3, Episode 8
[#89] Kozyrev’s Mirrors and Biocommunication (November 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 8
, 29 minutes
The most despicable use of Kozyrev’s research may also be a powerful catalyst for humanity’s conscious evolution. David Wilcock explains that the battle between the BRICS alliance and the Cabal is heating up by revealing what ...
Available worldwide
[#88] 2014: Year of Disclosure Part 2 Video
Season 3, Episode 7
[#88] 2014: Year of Disclosure Part 2 (November 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 7
, 37 minutes
Warring factions within the secret governments weaken their grasp upon world. Now, once tightly-held information is slipping through the slack between their fingers. David Wilcock reveals the evidence, being prominently ...
Available worldwide
[#87] 2014: Year of Disclosure Part 1 Video
Season 3, Episode 6
[#87] 2014: Year of Disclosure Part 1 (November 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 6
, 36 minutes
Soon, the world will know of the clandestine machinations of the secret governments and the full extent of extraterrestrial involvement in terrestrial affairs. David Wilcock lists the many mini-disclosures that have been ...
Available worldwide
[#86] Disclosure Endgame 2014 Video
Season 3, Episode 5
[#86] Disclosure Endgame 2014 (November 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 5
, 36 minutes
Despite subtle threats from a fracturing cabal, the war on disclosure is taking a major turn. We stand upon the precipice of an information disclosure that would bring about the most profound change in human history. David ...
Available worldwide
[#85] China’s October Surprise Video
Season 3, Episode 4
[#85] China’s October Surprise (October 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 4
, 30 minutes
What if the world’s governments were offered the secret to free energy technology along with a stern warning to implement this technology immediately or suffer great calamities? David Wilcock details what happened when the ...
Available worldwide
[#84] The Disclosure War Goes Worldwide Video
Season 3, Episode 3
[#84] The Disclosure War Goes Worldwide (October 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 3
, 30 minutes
News this big cannot be contained for long and the power elite know it all too well. Within their vast media manipulation toolbox, the cabal has the means to present the truth to the public in a way that no one will ever ...
Available worldwide
[#83] The Disclosure War is Reaching Critical Mass Video
Season 3, Episode 2
[#83] The Disclosure War is Reaching Critical Mass (October 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 2
, 31 minutes
The stage has been set for the ultimate showdown. As the cabal strives for total domination of the world, extraterrestrial forces work to eradicate the threat of nuclear devastation. David Wilcock explains how this disclosure ...
Available worldwide
[#82] Prelude to Disclosure Video
Season 3, Episode 1
[#82] Prelude to Disclosure (October 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 3, Episode 1
, 31 minutes
Why are our world’s governments unwilling, or incapable of eliminating the threat of nuclear war? If we cannot save ourselves from ourselves, then who will? In this prelude to disclosure, David Wilcock exposes the forces ...
Available worldwide
[#81] The Universe is a Matter of Time Video
Season 2, Episode 46
[#81] The Universe is a Matter of Time (September 2014)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 2, Episode 46
, 31 minutes
Many technological achievements have been made since Kozyrev’s findings on the superluminal and temporal effects of torsion fields; by governments and the private sector. David Wilcock examines various practical applications ...
Available worldwide
[#1] Introduction to Source Field - Part 1  Video
Season 1, Episode 1
[#1] Introduction to Source Field - Part 1 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 1
, 30 minutes
In this inaugural episode, David Wilcock connects science and ancient teachings to explain how to be in oneness with living universe and our connection with the source field. Discover how you can manifest the wisdom of these ...
Available worldwide
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 2
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 2
, 30 minutes
Continuing the discussion of the source field, David Wilcock explains how the biological universe is influencing you via the connection of non-local minds and the Law of One. Learn how you can become a one with the universal ...
Available worldwide
[#3] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 1  Video
Season 1, Episode 3
[#3] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 1 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 3
, 31 minutes
David Wilcock explains how to connect with the galactic center in order to boost your psychic abilities, the positive impact of the meditation effect upon the world, and how light affects DNA. Discover how you can begin to ...
Available worldwide
[#4] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 4
[#4] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 2 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 4
, 30 minutes
We have previously learned the positive effect that light has on DNA. That concept is further explored as David Wilcock reveals the energetic secrets of the DNA molecule. Discover how your DNA is written into the background of ...
Available worldwide
[#5] Healing with the Source Field - Part 1  Video
Season 1, Episode 5
[#5] Healing with the Source Field - Part 1 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 5
, 31 minutes
In this episode, David Wilcock focuses on how we can harness the universal energy that makes DNA to use it for healing and to protect ourselves from the negative thoughts of others.
Available worldwide
[#6] Healing with the Source Field - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 6
[#6] Healing with the Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 6
, 31 minutes
David Wilcock further explores the energetic nature of the DNA molecule through reincarnation and the formation of life in extreme environments.
Available worldwide
[#7] The 25,000-Year Cycle  Video
Season 1, Episode 7
[#7] The 25,000-Year Cycle (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 7
, 30 minutes
David Wilcock explains exactly what the Precession of the Equinoxes is and why it is so important. Moreover, important clues about the precession have been embedded in ancient mythology, only to be misunderstood. Now, the ...
Available worldwide
[#8] Great Seal of the Golden Age Video
Season 1, Episode 8
[#8] Great Seal of the Golden Age (May 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 8
, 31 minutes
David Wilcock reveals that the founding fathers of the USA knew about the coming of a golden age. From the ancient Roman Sibylline books, ancient Tibetan teachings and famous artworks, the truth about the coming age is right ...
Available worldwide
[#9] NASA’s Hottest Secret Video
Season 1, Episode 9
[#9] NASA’s Hottest Secret (May 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 9
, 30 minutes
We have learned that the solar system is now moving faster through the source field. This increasing speed is affecting the earth and the other planets in dramatic ways. David Wilcock takes us on a guided tour through our ...
Available worldwide
[#10] Angels and Extraterrestrials Video
Season 1, Episode 10
[#10] Angels and Extraterrestrials (May 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 10
, 30 minutes
Ancient civilizations documented contact with extraterrestrial beings and the bible may be the most extensive historical record of such activity. David Wilcock begins to unravel the secrets of angels and extraterrestrials by ...
Available worldwide
[#11] Faces of the Gods Video
Season 1, Episode 11
[#11] Faces of the Gods (May 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 11
, 30 minutes
Little truth remains about those who walked the earth and cultivated early cultures. Yet, we still know the faces of the gods who once ruled over ancient civilizations. David Wilcock reveals the startling similar features of ...
Available worldwide
[#12] Skeletons of the Gods Video
Season 1, Episode 12
[#12] Skeletons of the Gods (June 2013)Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock
Season 1, Episode 12
, 31 minutes
We have seen images, carved by ancient cultures, of human like gods with elongated heads and large eyes. These images cannot be been passed off as mere fantasy when compared to skeletal remains with similar features. David ...
Available worldwide

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patttray, posted on December 16, 2014

This was disturbing. Why show the whole thing for that one point ..we are free to get out of the noose? You may have helped them plant the subliminals in us by showing it in such detail. I am busy clearing all of that now. I usually watch your show and am inspired..but its the opposite for me with this one.

auroradesigns, posted on December 16, 2014

Should have been more emphasis on responding to the cabal 's agenda by each of creating joy our lives and sending love and light to the earth and all its inhabitants. Also , his website hasn't been updated in over 6 weeks and there is way to contact him with positive constructive ideas

antheakerou, posted on December 12, 2014

Your episode ordering does not work properly. there is no easy way to watch from episode 1 on, when you sort by 'oldest' they are all out of order!
Also it would be great if after you watch an episode it says 'watched' on it so you can easily see which episodes you've viewed. Youtube does this and it is helpful.

hazewhisper, posted on December 11, 2014


During meditative practice based off of a technique I read from your book The Synchronicity Key, I was able to write a few odd sentences. But two words did stick out, "Freemason Chapel". I thought I'd share this with you. Maybe its time to re-evaluate that mysterious puzzle of a building and its carvings/writings. Also, I have a more personal situation to correct with you if you could kindly email me at harryjschultz@gmail.com. I think I may be getting c/o'd on some of your emails. (Which I don't mind but is still something you should be aware of).

kickers02, posted on December 9, 2014

Hi Dave I enjoy all of your shows but the ones that I recently resonated with, were the ones about the time fields.
The Professor

brianmasarik, posted on December 5, 2014

Throughout my journey of truth. I have always made my intention to be able to differentiate the truth from misinterpretations. When I listen to David speak, my intuition tells me that he is speaking truth. Which with the information that I have learned from other scholars, physicists and truth seekers. People like Michael Tsarion, Helena Blavatsky, Michio Kaku, Jordan Matthews, Alan Watts, Graham Hancock, Manly P. Hall, John Lash and many others have all shown that religions and ancient civilizations clearly have the same lessons being revealed at their core. These lessons of, finding the higher consciousness through looking within oneself and that we are the creators of this matrix of energy. The thing that makes David so special is that he is able to convey these teachings without seeming pretentious. His attempts at humor and, ability to modernize the teachings of the ancient works allow even a less awoken soul to begin to understand. For this, David is truly one of my mentors in the truth seeking game. He has helped my awakening greatly and, for this I am extremely grateful. Namaste!

jenamo, posted on December 2, 2014

dave, There is nothing sinister in the Georgia guidestones....I find them quite intriguing actually. They are a guide for the future and I whole heartedly believe that the Earth's population should not exceed a certain amount to live in harmony with the planet. I know you think that the 'cabal' wants to kill everyone to reduce the population...but that is a negative projection into a dystopian future. The facts are that population (births) are declining in many countries by choice. This is a long-term goal. Stop spreading the fear and negativity. you have a lot of knowledge but you are doing too much 'hand-wringing". BE the change you want to see in the world and don't become the thing you are fighting.

maddogmarley6, posted on December 8, 2014

hey pal just wanted to point out some things here and ask you when you say you don't want David to do too much hand-wringing. what dose that mean? being the change you want to see is a quote from Ghandi about passive resistance, and you have skewed it into meaning that you become the enemy when you fight them. which we all know is not true. first off the birth rates are declining because of vaccinations laced with mercury, thanks bill and malinda gates, dont forget the carnegy endowment. second off you are correct that population reduction is a long term goal but in my opinion that's all you are correct about, third there are many documents if you havent seen Alex Jones movie end game I suggest you do. even websites like POP.ORG talk about population numbers from deep accredited peer reviewed study. look up a document called UN AGENDA 21 that talks openly about reduceing 80 percent population by the year 2020. Agenda 21 came out of the Rio earth summit in 1992,another proof out of ton of data is Obamas white house science czar John P Holdren's book called ECO SCIENCE which talks about sterilant's in the water forced IQ reduction, you name it.and you say David just thinks the cabal wants to kill everyone. what are you saying? That you want him to create a positive projection while we go into a dystopian future. just IGNORE EVIL. NO THANKS PAL.

defori, posted on November 29, 2014

Hello, I would like to kindly ask why the word "exopolitics" is never ever mentioned by David Wilcock? Thank you.

maddogmarley6, posted on December 8, 2014

I think David was at the Barcelona exo politics summit. its on Youtube yo

kshallcross, posted on November 29, 2014

Hi I would like David to know that I have invented an instrument which is partially patented amd some pending patents, which uses sacred geometry rotated about an axis. University studies have found that it will reduced pathogens and enhance beneficial bacteria, speeds healing, kills tested cancer cells, Hospital genetics lab has found it eliminates pathogenic viruses and bacterial in patients, water, and food. Our clinical trials are remarkable, seems to eliminate nuclear radioactivity, toxic compounds, EMF, superbugs, and regenerate organs and organ systems. If he is interested please contact me Dr KIm Shallcross 519 538 0290 Ontario Canada, our bee study has shown it reverses bee colony collapse. I hope I her from You

geflemingconstruction, posted on December 2, 2014

I think instead of getting it patented you need to get it out there i have bees and am interested it that side alone by helping others you are helping your self good luck
with it all Geoff from Australia

suzlalla, posted on November 27, 2014

I began watching the series last summer but not from the beginning.. Then I backtracked and started from the beginning. Then a month ago rounded up some of my broad minded
friends to come and watch the series together from the start. We watch 3 episodes every Sunday night and have some time to talk about them. I started filling them in on the latest Disclosure series and last week we added the most recent show to the 3. It's blowing everyone away! We are so happy because of the positive nature that David conveys. The Emporer (US Gobment/cabal) truly has no clothes and me thinks it won't be long until the critical mass and tipping point for truth is a thing of the past. Go David Go! We're spreading the word!

supermike096, posted on November 27, 2014

3d printed free energy magnet motor
just want to throw that idea out there
i think it would be a good can of worms
that the lid cant go back on
oh and David you are a great minded spirit !!!
sending positive energy your way :D

skylajane, posted on November 19, 2014

If Obama is interested in disclosing the alien presence, why did the White House put out the statement: "The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye." https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/response/searching-et-no-evidence-yet

This doesn't seem to indicate that disclosure is near, at least not coming from the US government. This statement digs them more deeply into the denial.

maddogmarley6, posted on December 8, 2014

Be the change you want to see. But I agree big time! We need to have journalists go into some of these D.U.M.B facilities our tax money payed for. I wonder If some of these rogue black ops groups don't pose a National Security risk. I mean the CIA stands for Cocaine Importing agency, what do you think funds these shadow Ops!

mschooler007, posted on November 18, 2014

I am able to guild my dreams at times now, realize where I am (not dreaming) and concentrate on what is happening This has led me to start thinking and problem solving in what I can only describe as "3D".

Over the last several years, I have studied, Lloyd Pye, Michael Tasarion, Jordan Maxwell, Richard Dolan, Linda, and a host of alternate history/knowledge documentaries. hollow earth, the Nazis etc.. This is not the total of my list.

Something has happened to me. Something good. Something that has given me confidence in the flashes of strange entities and events in my life as being true. I am no longer afraid.

Thank You David

dtohm8, posted on November 17, 2014

I noticed this and thought it might be a helpful thing to ponder. If you have not already come to the same supposition, the Superman Villain Mxyzptlk seems to be a direct reference for a type of 5th Density negative represented in the Law of One series, although portrayed in a comical way. He is a being from the 5th dimension who tricks people(cant force them to do things but must allow them to react to the trick), and loves to cause negative emotion. Here is a clip from youtube with various appearances, and one of them even refers to him being an alien (something about earth-chumps having a legend about little green men): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuRqVg6tHcE. In closing, I thought you would enjoy if you haven't already.

sequoiaelisabeth, posted on November 10, 2014

Disclosure is all well and good, but I am not interested in this topic. I would love to see more of Wisdom Teachings!! Please bring back the science and esoteric wisdom which made this show a success. I will not be watching till then and am thinking of canceling my subscription with Gaiam since this show is the only reason I have it in the first place.

marcdescoteaux, posted on November 14, 2014

You know how to put pressure to get what you want! ;) Unfortunately, you're not the only one watching the show, and I like the disclosure topic.

ConsciousGoddess3, posted on October 28, 2014

What I don't understand is the denial of the masses. Who hasn't seen a UFO.. and still there's no reaction. Is it the Fluoride and chemicals in the food and air that
subject people to this "sheeple" attitude. Living around people that are absent in their own lives is scarier than any extraterrestrial.
Thank you so much David <3 I Am Grateful that you are here and I feel as though I'm cheating getting all this wisdom for 10.00 a month! Do you still do readings and when you did do them, were
you in a trance like state as Edgar Cayce was? Great job, I can't get enough!!!

Came across this and it sounds like a giant leap toward disclosure..Yay

Linda54, posted on October 16, 2014

I would like to see all of the episodes in season 2. Where are they hiding? I used to be able to go to past episodes, now they are not available

ConsciousGoddess3, posted on October 28, 2014

Awesome, you don't want to miss an episode...Fortunately season 2 is hiding in plain sight. Directly above the blog post .. Enjoi <3

YAKUSH007, posted on October 18, 2014

Hi Linda, I just went to www.wisdomteachings.com
and to display all Wusdim Teachings from Season 1 to current, I clicked on a link to sort by OLDEST.

Hope this helps!

Millie., posted on October 9, 2014

Just wondered if I'm the only one wondering ...

In the UK we now have cheap spectacles/reading glasses EVERYWHERE? (This is a serious comment!) I mean REALLY CHEAP. They suddenly flooded the marketplace. There are many many people (who cannot afford proper prescription glasses) and who were suddenly able to buy a pair for £1.50/£2 !! So everyone is wearing them and I keep hearing people saying 'my eyesight is getting worse' and they soon need to get the stronger lenses which seem to increase the problem. Since wearing them I have had massive headaches and 'brain fog' and definately quite rapidly worsening vision. It's like a similar effect to fluoride water. I'm mentioning it because this seems like a wide spread effect and not just my own personal experience. Another ploy to curb the people??

earlymorning, posted on December 14, 2014

Hi Millie, Since the 1980's I've been practicing vision improvement, one of the basics of it is that glasses no matter what kind weaken the vision and as time goes on the prescription increases. It's like putting a cast on your leg and never taking it off; would anyone do that? Surely these cheap glasses are increasing the problem. Eye exercises do improve vision. Read about William Bates and more currently Dr. Jacob Liberman.
Recently I asked an optometrist about the cheap reading glasses and he said you get what you pay for, very generic mass produced lenses that are not good for the eyes.

Lou15317, posted on October 8, 2014

I have been following Wisdom Teachings since the beginning. I was looking for an email address for you to ask this question but I cannot seem to find one. So... I will ask here. Is the Source Field the same as "dark energy" and/or is it related to the Higgs Bosson particle?

maddogmarley6, posted on November 24, 2014

remember there are no particles all there are is little spins or currents in the sourcefeild. like looking at a whirl pool, and since it is all a fractal based on a central core vibration. simply put the vortex kinesis of the atom is just an illusion based off of your indolent senses. there is only one and within that one lies all so, yes what is good for me could be bad for you. but that is the gift of multiplicity that the core conscious brings our augmented lucid dream challenge.

goddessinblue55, posted on October 7, 2014

I am loving this series. I have been a big follower of David for several years. Thank you for the courage to promote this program.
Debra Thornhill

Andrewdamus, posted on October 4, 2014

Turns out everything I tried to learn I already knew.

ConsciousGoddess3, posted on October 28, 2014

Absolutely Andrew,

I call it waking up!

davidmheon, posted on October 1, 2014

Has anybody noticed that Padmasambhava and his consort Yeshe Tsogyal asended at approximately the same time and the same place as Jeshua ben Joseph and his wife Mariam did according to the Jeshua ben Joseph channellings through Judith Coates? Also in the channelled information (but not re the ascension) the quote 'I left my footprints.' ??

carolynruthprescott, posted on September 11, 2014

An episode on TV called "Unsealed Alien Files", case number 799201 dovetails nicely into David's talk about time waves. It is called "The Chilean Time Warp." As the story goes, in April 1977 a military patrol located on Pampas Lluscuma took shelter in a horse stable for the night. At around 4am they were awakened by a brilliant light. When they went to investigate it, another light appeared and Corporal Armondo Garrido was taken up in the light. His buddies searched around in a panic for about 15 minutes when they suddenly heard a thud. The corporal reappeared flat on the ground. He was lying there, alive, but his digital watch registered 5 days into the future and he had 5 days beard growth on his face. This all happened in only 15 minutes, or 15 relative minutes, or our time minutes. Gosh, what do we call time anymore?

regina.stiller, posted on September 6, 2014

David - This is unrelated to current episodes, but is a fascinating book that echoes a lot of information you've already shared and more. Definitely check it out, if you haven't already. Published in 2005.

rx7chick, posted on September 4, 2014

This is wonderful! Now, where on earth can one get such medical treatment? So simple, yet requiring knowledge and equipment the average person does not have. But just imagine what could be achieved! I am passing this information on to Tom Paladino who is doing groundbreaking healing work using scalar light technology. Thank you David for all the time and work you have put into collecting this hidden knowledge and getting it out there to us.

seankaufman94, posted on August 31, 2014

andri_sira, posted on August 21, 2014

I just read this news http://sploid.gizmodo.com/space-station-cosmonauts-find-life-in-the-vacu...

Traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles were found on the exterior of the space station. More evidence showing that his theory is true...

system-failure, posted on August 16, 2014

Hi David, Gaiamtv or anyone who will read that message :)
After 18 years living with an HPPD (Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder) and as a result taken the "red pill" unbeknownst to me, i would like too know if you should be interrested to make a video about it or share with me any advices to "come back on earth"...
Thank you
Will, 33 years old, France

Raivo, posted on September 1, 2014

hi Will ("Gnosis"?),

To "come back on earth"... Let your body come into a liquid state, you become the tiniest droplet of water sinking down into the ground. Down, down, deep down, until eventually you arrive at the center. Then your body grows big, big enough to eat the heart of the earth, you swallow her magma core into your belly. It's a lovely, heavy calm pulsation. Some magic Shakti that visited me a couple days ago. Can't say if that will help with the HPPD, but it's nice nonetheless.

Also, maybe try eating more corn- raw, not cooked. (& non-gmo, of course :)

notllouann, posted on August 11, 2014

Hi David: Could you cover the topic of kundalini rising and how to help the energy to rise up the spine in practical terms. Thanks a lot. I love your show and the energy and enthusiasm that you put into it.


cindyfgriffin, posted on August 7, 2014

What is the geometry created to the vibration of the primordial sound AH.
Love the show - I've been binging :)

m-----w, posted on August 5, 2014

tHANK YOU DAVID putthing all this together , i have a question thou or suggestion thou, Lucifer was EA and want to united all humans, then rest of it came learn his teachings and use for their self only illuminates and luck down the EA, and now EA and Jesus working together to protectin the earth, but still EA is the bad site all want something and hanging on you, I say i love you guys don't do this to control to take over the free will, still they continue. over and over again... i wish to meet with people like you but there isn't much around... actually didn't see any all want to control manupulate, loving them forgiving them but still all they want is to hang your wings? but I will try loving but telling not to this more starting now, lets keep in touch MW...

mixologymike, posted on August 5, 2014

How is this a conversation if David never replies? Ive yet to see one reply of his on this thread. Ive been watching episodes for around 6 months.. I recently wrote a film about reincarnation and rainbow body but now that i came to the site i was hoping for some interaction. I don't see any?

Earth to David ... Where are you?

Mike- Los Angeles

b3noelle, posted on August 3, 2014

I am so thrilled to have found Gaiam TV and especially, this series. I have watched the first two episodes thus far. I appreciate David's candor and confidence in affirming what are known to be inherent Universal Truths. I have been studying MetaPhysics my whole life (I turn 51 next month), but because we get so bombarded with the dumbing down of society, I get side-tracked, interrupted and blocked, as do we all. I was familiar with the Pineal Gland and it's connection to the Third Eye, but I had no idea that it actually has physical components that allow us to see, similarly to our own eyes. Aside from dreaming, I rarely see clear images, just emanations of different colors and vibrations. Though I am very spiritually minded, being in this current physical form, it doesn't hurt to have some physical evidence to affirm my progression. Thank you! I look forward to watching every episode and learning more truths to set my spirit free.

Noël Benoit - Las Vegas, NV

edbecnel, posted on July 24, 2014

Hi David - I just started watching your series about 1 week ago. I am fascinated with the theories you have presented and has lead me to doing some research on the geometry of space-time. In the process, I found an interesting youtube video related to this topic entitled: Planck-Haramein Tetrahedron Dynamics of space. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this observation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LXUz_Qez4A

viktoria, posted on July 24, 2014

Thank you David... you are an important light in my life..

alphadarrin, posted on July 18, 2014

What a gift this series is to anyone seeking higher consciousness

dustinwiltse, posted on July 17, 2014


\\=Dimensional Shift Equivalent (Equal and Opposite)
U=Universal Force or Source Field (of which Vibrational Frequencies, Expansion, Contraction,  Clustering,  Electromagnetism, Energy, Gravity, Cyclical Rotation, and Geometry are all functions.)

The 5 Dimensions
3 Dimensions of Space=
1 Dimension of Time=
1 Dimension of U=
Vibrational Frequencies

The \\ 5 Dimensions
3 Dimensions of Time=
1 Dimension of Space=
Height (Density)
1 Dimension of U=
Vibrational Frequencies

Yod/\ /\
Heh \ / \ /
Vauv \/ \/

?=☆=Mind, Spirit, Sentience, Consciousness, Creativity, Cosmos, Organization, Order, Synchronicity, Etc...

russelldulaney3, posted on July 16, 2014

Hello David,
My wife and I love your show and would like to thank you for all that you do and share with your viewers. I really love when you discuss sacred geometry, platonic solids, the merkaba and the amplituhedron. In an earlier episode, you showed a 2D representation of how an amplituhedron is part of the merkaba. I created a 3D model that depicts this to make it easy to see how these shapes are truly related. Here is a render:

and this is a 3D model that can be opened with the free eDrawings viewer:

I hope to see more on these topics again on your show...Keep up the great work!
Thanks again for sharing your wisdom...Best wishes, and have a great day!

P.S. To see that 3D model, that free eDrawings viewer can be downloaded here:

Please feel free to use the graphics as you wish, and let me know if you need me to create more graphics.

kag2849, posted on July 14, 2014

Thank You so much for all of your work. I am 68 years old and the first major introduction to spirituality outside of church was a book by Jess Stearn called Youth , Yoga, and Reincarnation, where I got a good dose of knowledge of those 3 things, not to mention an introduction to Edgar Cayce. That was 46 years ago. It began a journey of discovery that continues to this day. The latest milestone in my journey has been your show. I have watched every episode, some times a few time over. There seems to be no where in the world where most of the great mysteries of life are explored and integrated with such depth and backed up with so much knowledge accumulated about them. Again, I thank you! I look forward to your show every week.

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