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David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series. Combining esoteric philosophy, alternative science and historical fact, Wilcock offers viewers the chance to rediscover our ancient systems of physics and spirituality. This series is best watched in consecutive order.

Upcoming Episode: Monday, June 1

Spontaneous Generation and Healing of Life

Featuring David Wilcock

Did Wilhelm Reich’s experiments give credence to spontaneous generation through the accumulation of bions?

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Episode List

[#115] Wilhelm Reich and “Orgone Energy” Video
Season 16, Episode 1
[#115] Wilhelm Reich and “Orgone Energy” (May 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 16, Episode 1
, 34 minutes
After years of intensive research, Wilhelm Reich’s theories proved to be both profound and controversial. However, his notions regarding orgone energy have undergone years of abuse and attempted discreditation David Wilcock ...
Available worldwide
[#114] The Science of Dowsing Video
Season 15, Episode 4
[#114] The Science of Dowsing (May 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 15, Episode 4
, 35 minutes
Our consciousness can connect us to unseen sources of water. Dowsing is one of the oldest and most effective means of locating subterranean water supplies. David Wilcock walks us through the history and scientific exploration ...
Available worldwide
[#113] Mind over Water Video
Season 15, Episode 3
[#113] Mind over Water (May 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 15, Episode 3
, 39 minutes
Scientists are just now learning how we connect with water through our consciousness. David Wilcock introduces us to the effect of consciousness upon the crystalline structure of water through the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto and ...
Available worldwide
[#112] Memory of Water at the United Nations Video
Season 15, Episode 2
[#112] Memory of Water at the United Nations (May 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 15, Episode 2
, 40 minutes
Even though skeptics lambast Jacques Benveniste’s work, other scientists are working to advance his theories to the molecular and atomic levels. David Wilcock explains how homeopathy and the work of these scientists is just ...
Available worldwide
[#111] The Memory of Water Video
Season 15, Episode 1
[#111] The Memory of Water (April 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 15, Episode 1
, 36 minutes
Mystics and priests have long known that water can hold sacred energy and intention. But, it took an accidental discovery for one scientist, Jacques Benveniste, to learn what ancient traditions have always held true.
Available worldwide
[#110] The Healing Power of Consciousness Video
Season 14, Episode 13
[#110] The Healing Power of Consciousness (April 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 14, Episode 13
, 34 minutes
The distinction between science and spirituality begins to blur even further as the wisdom so long held by ancient traditions is now being verified through scientific analysis. David Wilcock presents the scientific evidence ...
Available worldwide
[#109] Psychic Connection across Time and Space Part 2 Video
Season 14, Episode 12
[#109] Psychic Connection across Time and Space Part 2 (April 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 14, Episode 12
, 30 minutes
Why do some people know what is going to happen before it happens? Maybe they have a special connection or abilities that the rest of us lack? Can collective consciousness have a measureable effect upon the physical world? ...
Available worldwide
[#108] Psychic Connection across Time and Space Part 1 Video
Season 14, Episode 11
[#108] Psychic Connection across Time and Space Part 1 (April 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 14, Episode 11
, 31 minutes
If we can understand that the human mind thrives in a sea of consciousness, then we can begin to explore the nature of those waters. David Wilcock begins to tie together the theories of torsion fields, source field with the ...
Available worldwide
[#107] The Science of Collective Consciousness Part 2 Video
Season 14, Episode 10
[#107] The Science of Collective Consciousness Part 2 (March 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 14, Episode 10
, 38 minutes
Laboratory testing is showing that the human mind is capable of far more than we may be comfortable to admit. David Wilcock examines the work of Dr. William Braud whose research provides scientific evidence of extrasensory ...
Available worldwide
[#106] The Science of Collective Consciousness Part 1 Video
Season 14, Episode 9
[#106] The Science of Collective Consciousness Part 1 (March 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 14, Episode 9
, 30 minutes
What if a single mind were to occupy two bodies or a fully functioning mind were to occupy a body nearly devoid of a brain? David Wilcock explores some of the strangest phenomena that may prove that the brain is not the ...
Available worldwide
[#105] Special Q&A with David Video
Season 14, Episode 8
[#105] Special Q&A with David (March 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 14, Episode 8
, 39 minutes
Four lucky viewers have taken advantage of the rare opportunity to confront David with their questions. David Wilcock does not disappoint as his answers provide deeper insights into the essence of Wisdom Teachings.
Available worldwide
[#104] Genetic Memory Video
Season 14, Episode 7
[#104] Genetic Memory (March 2015)Wisdom Teachings
Season 14, Episode 7
, 32 minutes
When a single animal becomes aware of its individual existence, a new stage in the evolution of consciousness begins. David Wilcock explores the effect of genetic memory as individualized consciousness becomes self-aware ...
Available worldwide
[#1] Introduction to Source Field - Part 1  Video
Season 1, Episode 1
[#1] Introduction to Source Field - Part 1 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 1, Episode 1
, 30 minutes
In this inaugural episode, David Wilcock connects science and ancient teachings to explain how to be in oneness with living universe and our connection with the source field. Discover how you can manifest the wisdom of these ...
Available worldwide
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 2
[#2] Introduction to Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 1, Episode 2
, 30 minutes
Continuing the discussion of the source field, David Wilcock explains how the biological universe is influencing you via the connection of non-local minds and the Law of One. Learn how you can become a one with the universal ...
Available worldwide
[#3] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 1  Video
Season 1, Episode 3
[#3] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 1 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 1, Episode 3
, 31 minutes
David Wilcock explains how to connect with the galactic center in order to boost your psychic abilities, the positive impact of the meditation effect upon the world, and how light affects DNA. Discover how you can begin to ...
Available worldwide
[#4] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 4
[#4] Beyond Cosmic Consciousness - Part 2 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 1, Episode 4
, 30 minutes
We have previously learned the positive effect that light has on DNA. That concept is further explored as David Wilcock reveals the energetic secrets of the DNA molecule. Discover how your DNA is written into the background of ...
Available worldwide
[#5] Healing with the Source Field - Part 1  Video
Season 1, Episode 5
[#5] Healing with the Source Field - Part 1 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 1, Episode 5
, 31 minutes
In this episode, David Wilcock focuses on how we can harness the universal energy that makes DNA to use it for healing and to protect ourselves from the negative thoughts of others.
Available worldwide
[#6] Healing with the Source Field - Part 2  Video
Season 1, Episode 6
[#6] Healing with the Source Field - Part 2 (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 1, Episode 6
, 31 minutes
David Wilcock further explores the energetic nature of the DNA molecule through reincarnation and the formation of life in extreme environments.
Available worldwide
[#7] The 25,000-Year Cycle  Video
Season 2, Episode 1
[#7] The 25,000-Year Cycle (April 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 2, Episode 1
, 30 minutes
David Wilcock explains exactly what the Precession of the Equinoxes is and why it is so important. Moreover, important clues about the precession have been embedded in ancient mythology, only to be misunderstood. Now, the ...
Available worldwide
[#8] Great Seal of the Golden Age Video
Season 2, Episode 2
[#8] Great Seal of the Golden Age (May 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 2, Episode 2
, 31 minutes
David Wilcock reveals that the founding fathers of the USA knew about the coming of a golden age. From the ancient Roman Sibylline books, ancient Tibetan teachings and famous artworks, the truth about the coming age is right ...
Available worldwide
[#9] NASA’s Hottest Secret Video
Season 2, Episode 3
[#9] NASA’s Hottest Secret (May 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 2, Episode 3
, 30 minutes
We have learned that the solar system is now moving faster through the source field. This increasing speed is affecting the earth and the other planets in dramatic ways. David Wilcock takes us on a guided tour through our ...
Available worldwide
[#15] Unintended Disclosure Video
Season 2, Episode 4
[#15] Unintended Disclosure (June 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 2, Episode 4
, 31 minutes
After World War II, reports of strange vehicles slipped through the grip of officials who were ordered to conceal the evidence. David Wilcock discloses information concerning UFOs in the 1940’s and reveals the extent of the ...
Available worldwide
[#16] What Are They Trying to Hide? Video
Season 2, Episode 5
[#16] What Are They Trying to Hide? (July 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 2, Episode 5
, 30 minutes
In a post WWII world, the ETs made an agreement with the US government for advanced technology that came with a hefty price for humanity. David Wilcock reveals details of the Tau-9 Treaty and what it means for all of us. Plus ...
Available worldwide
[#17] Off-Planet Evidence Video
Season 2, Episode 6
[#17] Off-Planet Evidence (July 2013)Wisdom Teachings
Season 2, Episode 6
, 30 minutes
As NASA probes ventured to the moon, Mars and nearby asteroids, the images they returned evoke a sense of wonder. Examining blurred-out sections of these photographs provoke us to wonder: why? Perhaps the answers we seek can ...
Available worldwide

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jldy, posted on May 13, 2015

I enjoy very much what David Wilcock has to offer and hope he continues! He's obviously a smart man and now has a show to get his story out there but why does he not answer some of the questions people put forward? Just some, would show he is actually listening to his fan base, those people who are also searching and have many questions and answers. David I Think its time you showed people you are actually interested in them or they may just slowly disappear!
You should really consider this ; Actually answering questions would show you are interested in what is being said besides your "insiders" !

annieheineck, posted on May 12, 2015

I am seeing a lot of people on this forum asking many question with unresolved answers. Why?

sandbox, posted on May 3, 2015

U R the best David!

Sistinia, posted on April 27, 2015

Mr. Wilcock recently I have been very troubled with what I have seen with the work by Martin rothblatt and her/his Bina48.. I am troubled by what this means in regard to spirituality and future of human consciousness. http://youtu.be/11lluRAknvw

jdelewese, posted on April 27, 2015

I have looked for the right wisdom teachings for years. So glad I found yours. There are no coincidences in life, right? "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."
Question: Re: In #14 The Fatima Prophecies a secret is given. David states that he will tell what he thinks the secret is at a later time. I don't believe he ever did. Can you speak to this?

dovespider33, posted on April 22, 2015

Maybe...time is gravity; gravity is consciousness; consciousness(understanding /love) is expressed by torsion fields which then create matter which is instantaneously affected by "conscious " time from any point in the universe hence binary star systems and "spooky physics"concept?

dovespider33, posted on April 17, 2015

How does the "spooky physics"concept relate to torsion fields and telepathic influence?

agorton17, posted on April 14, 2015

I really enjoy your work and teaching. It is the most plausible and in depth source of information and understanding of some of our biggest questions that I have come across. I never expected to stumble into this material with a ton of credible evidence. It resonates as proof in my mind and soul as truth more than anything I have experienced so far. When I was 16 I went on a "trip", through the formation of earth, in reverse, then went into space as a DNA strand and had a judgment from god. That was the beginning for me of my questions of what is really going on and why are we here. I have turned on a number of people to your work and also gaiam tv and get a kick out of seeing the light bulb go on when it turns on. Thank you very much! This has really solidified much of the stuff that I have experienced and didn't know what to do with.

Williamhackett, posted on April 5, 2015

Hope to get the chance to shake your hand one day David. Im a local to SoCal, so I think I will do your next workshop/seminar. Can't get enough. Thanks David!

greenlite7777, posted on April 2, 2015

Hi, guys --

Is there a way to add all the seasons/episodes to my playlist at once? I can't find a simple list on the Gaiam sitemap or your site. When I try to add episodes, my computer stops me after adding two or three and bounces around to play the last one accessed. I'm trying to watch everything from the first episode as suggested. Heeeelp!

PS: Thanks for all the great info!

Running Springs, CA

susan.hokanson, posted on April 15, 2015

Add to Following and not playlist. On right side it shows as oldest or newest first. I put Oldest first and there you are...
Season 1 Ep1 through Season 3 episode (newest ) .

HeidiV@GTV, posted on April 7, 2015

@GREENLITE7777 - So sorry for the late response. The episodes are always available here on the series page in order. This would be the easiest place to get to them, much easier than your playlist. I hope that helps!

Williamhackett, posted on April 5, 2015


This link should be all you need to see the full series of David's Wisdom Teachings.

dovespider33, posted on March 22, 2015

Thankyou for being a good teacher,this shows your compassion!

Sistinia, posted on March 19, 2015

I have been hooked on David Wilcock's wisdom for 7years now and the evolution of this man is just phenomenal. You far surpassed Edgar Cayce with this prolific work , your on point with your path,Great Job.

pdmckeand, posted on March 9, 2015

David, I have been reading your blog since 2008 and I was finally able to start watching the show, THANK YOU for all you do. You have been working on so many things to materialize this manifestation of Love and Light, we all have been working for it. I just want to say thank you. Your books with the exhaustive references to all the published science have helped a great deal. It's exciting to see all this information in a show, you mention some things in the show that are new which makes it even better. Once again, thank you and keep up the great work. In Love and Light, Namaste.

LaneLight, posted on March 2, 2015

David, I would love to know what your IQ is. However, it is my opinion that "intelligence" is the ability to tap into the collective consciousness. You certainly do that!

sprake3, posted on March 2, 2015

Have you had your DNA checked to see if it is human?

fanamdara, posted on March 1, 2015

Love your work David and I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to release these shows to help educate us. Thank you and God bless

charlottesheehan, posted on March 1, 2015

After listening to David on Coast to Coast, his talk was so fascinating I wanted to learn more. But when he mentioned on Coast to Coast that he would attend Contact in the Desert, I registered. Since then I've decided to subscribe to GaiamTV, watch all his videos, and read all his posts in order to gain more from his presentation. By then, I should be ready to absorb new and up-to-date information; can't wait, It'll be great!

BrendinFletcher, posted on February 27, 2015

I want to thank David for all his hard work bringing this information to us! Each episode is another beautiful thread of information that all weave together in perfect pattern that not only informs us but inspires us with a message the resonates with the soul.

I would recommend to others who enjoy this show to look into everything else David has done as well. Like his books The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key, also the many videos of him presenting more information on YouTube and also his website DivineCosmos.com.

Keep up the great work David :)

sandbox, posted on February 18, 2015

Fascinating. I'm addicted to the show!

jeephalo, posted on February 14, 2015

i have binge watched the whole series and I was very excited to hear your livestream event. I'm a little disappointed though because I paid for a full year of Gaiam Tv. It seems only a little disingenuous that your event tickets are 45$ a piece! Come on my friend I'm 100% sure you don't need all that :) honestly I think to give back to your Gaiam tv members you should make it available on your website or through Gaiam TV. Don't get me wrong I'm not upset. I was really hoping to hear your presentation. Think about it.

maia, posted on February 9, 2015

Please can anybody fill me in about the webite dave wrote down at the end of the last episode? I tried to get to it but there came just
some files of data about the suposedly site.. Can I get answers or is that some not to talk about object??
I allways look forward to daves mondays. Eventhough this show gve me some bad consciousness about me not beein aware all the time bevore eating anything... Thanks everybody

zenith_rising, posted on February 4, 2015

Good show! I did think that the explanation about the plants responding to the torsions fields from the future as a bit overly complicated of an explanation though. If you think about it, the plants responded to David aiming negative thoughts at them but he was unlikely to actually harm them so I think the big part of it is that the plants are responding to intention. This then leads to a book I read by the name of "The Intention Experiment" by Lynne McTaggart. She also discusses that the plants are able to learn from prior experiences so that after repeat efforts to aim dark thoughts at them, at some point they wouldn't respond because they know that the people aiming the dark thoughts at them weren't serious. So yeah, perhaps an episode is in order for how our intentions shape the world we live in and impact the people and other life around us is in order. But who knows, maybe David is already on that tack....

noyo72, posted on January 23, 2015

I want to share. The Farsight Institute at www.farsight.org has remotely viewed the activities of 9/11 it's fascinating to watch. The movie of this experiment can be found on their website. It requires Vimo payment for purchase or rental, but it is well worth it. It feels as if you are a fly on the wall of various aspects of the planning, practicing, and initiating of this event. What is cool is that the remote viewer's have no idea they are viewing 9/11.

scooterbeach5, posted on January 23, 2015

David Many blessing on your Lost knowledge . If anyone new this Truth it would be you. A friend just bought a hairless cat. She was told that it was an accident in breeding. I think the DNA was already there . He looks just like the Egyptian cats . I love your show, your are a messenger of the Light and Truth I live in Denver. Do you ever come this way? Have you read any of Dolores Cannon books? She was also a messenger of Lost Knowledge. Her books on Nostradamus gives us another time line to think about. He told her she was talking to him while he was alive in the 1500 century. Her regression proved that was truth. I am a student of hers and am helping to awaken those around me. I also write each day with my higher self and connect with the Universal Concsiouns of Light. My ethric hearing is increasing and have Higher Beings that would like me to teach about Love of self and the Heart. I don't do much facebook This is my email if you have time to share scooterbeach5@gmail.com If you ever com to Denver, my home is open at anytime.I am told the Light is the Key and the Heart is the doorway to come Home. With regret my beloved teacher went to the Light on Oct 18 2014. She comes in my writings to let us know that she is with us at all times. I really have much to share , would be a blessing to converse with you. Take care! Namaste Jeannie Kaylor

Nelprec, posted on January 21, 2015

Thank you for doing this crucial work to enlighten us. I've been reading your blog for a very long time and now I'm just seating on the edge of my seat every time I watch a new episode of Wisdom Teachings. I love the fact that we can replay them, there is so much to digest in each episode, yet it feels like I can't get enough of it....I would be glued to the tv for hours and not get bored for one second. I am so glad you are doing this! God bless you and thank you. I also have a question for you. You often talk about Lucifer, Satan and evil forces etc. Are they real or is it just us Humans who have created an Evil force because we don't want to take responsibilities for what we create? I'm still confused about this, not sure what to think.

ecan-mcan, posted on January 19, 2015

David, You just have to have an hour for your show. Half an hour is not enough for all the important information you are giving us.
God love you and please know you are being protected by the higher angels. Your work is so vital to the world.
Many Blessings,

ombyyoga, posted on January 15, 2015

Dear David- please forgive me for reaching out this way for activator , but I have not been able to get a message to your people any other way so far. I’m up to episode 34 in Wisdom Teachings and would like to thank you for your mission there. I’ve been waiting for a teacher and am grateful to have found one. Can you guide me a place where I can buy Ratfish oil that is first rate and at fair price. John Kle

Nelprec, posted on January 15, 2015

Hi all, what happened to this Monday's new episode? Or is it only twice a month or once a month? I thought it was every Monday?

unruly26, posted on March 3, 2015


joyberman, posted on January 13, 2015

Your format is fine. We have to be aware of what we are up against so that fear does not choke us. The more aware we are the more we can focus our intentions against it, by prayers and meditation.

everleystpeter, posted on January 8, 2015

David~ i love your master teachings, i am on episode 34 right now and plan to see them all. my sister is also watching them all and she is also pumped to be able to "sit in" your master class. keep up the good works.

Are you collecting data on people's ufo sightings at all? i have a sketch i did of a multiple ufo sighting over my house 20 years ago that is pretty interesting. i tried to contact you on your website but it didn't work. namaste~ esp everley st. peter

guitarrhonda, posted on January 5, 2015

In the beginning your messages were delivered with joy and intrigue.
Recently they have been more fear and conspiracy based.
Trying to spread your message but recent episodes left the newbies thinking you were a wacko conspiracy theorist nutball.
Bummed me out because I know your intention.

Need to go back to original delivery method vibrations. If you wish to resonate harmoniously with newbies who need the education.


auroradesigns, posted on January 8, 2015

All the cabal shows should be a separate program for those who are interested. Wisdom Teachings should be about spiritual growth ( the law of one is one path and there are many others). If you want to change the present paradigm, focus more soul qualities , love , peace, abundance , humor, etc . The more people that learn to be these energies ( and they are exponential ), the less negativity in the world. And there documented studies showing how group meditations have reduced violence, etc.
"Walk like Buddha through a minefield"

titb4, posted on January 5, 2015

Yup 100% agree with you.
no point here, i just wish to make some more visibility for your post

cpcooks, posted on January 4, 2015

Hi, addicted to this show. I just watched an old episode called October Surprise and it reminded me of a question I've wanted answered. If/when we do get free energy, will we still have to "work"? Surely our expenses would be way reduced but I guess we'll still have to pay for our groceries....right? I'm wondering if there are any books, white papers, etc. on how life would/will change. thanks, CP

mariposando, posted on January 1, 2015

David, hello, for 2 years im searching information about a toppic werry important to me - ANCIENT MARS WAR AND THE GALACTIC BATTLES- please guide me in the right dirrection or something...thanks

raindropnotes, posted on December 29, 2014

David, I love your show. I have been interested in mono-atomic gold, and just heard and interview on a theory that the pyramids in Egypt were used to manufacture it. There seems to be allot of talk about it. Any input on this? Thank You.

jeanne0, posted on December 24, 2014

It does me NO GOOD to pay Gaiam TV because I can NOT LOGIN IN!!!
I can NOT see any thing offered. Not happy!
Can't reach anyone on your help # and have NO key to login!

HeidiV@GTV, posted on December 27, 2014

We are so sorry for any inconvenience and the delayed response due to the holiday. Someone from our customer service department will be in contact with you.

patttray, posted on December 16, 2014

This was disturbing. Why show the whole thing for that one point ..we are free to get out of the noose? You may have helped them plant the subliminals in us by showing it in such detail. I am busy clearing all of that now. I usually watch your show and am inspired..but its the opposite for me with this one.

auroradesigns, posted on December 16, 2014

Should have been more emphasis on responding to the cabal 's agenda by each of creating joy our lives and sending love and light to the earth and all its inhabitants. Also , his website hasn't been updated in over 6 weeks and there is way to contact him with positive constructive ideas

maddogmarley6, posted on December 22, 2014

Instead of just meditation. (which by the way led me to see my Rainbow Body, or "find myself") why can't everybody reading this go out in the cold this winter and hang up posters about the cabal, sovereignty, UFO disclosure ... come on let's all create some awesome poster art about our experiences we find most thought provoking for people stuck in the evil lies. REVERSE THE MIND CURSE. posters are very cheap and creating them with your friends is very fun!

antheakerou, posted on December 12, 2014

Your episode ordering does not work properly. there is no easy way to watch from episode 1 on, when you sort by 'oldest' they are all out of order!
Also it would be great if after you watch an episode it says 'watched' on it so you can easily see which episodes you've viewed. Youtube does this and it is helpful.

hazewhisper, posted on December 11, 2014


During meditative practice based off of a technique I read from your book The Synchronicity Key, I was able to write a few odd sentences. But two words did stick out, "Freemason Chapel". I thought I'd share this with you. Maybe its time to re-evaluate that mysterious puzzle of a building and its carvings/writings. Also, I have a more personal situation to correct with you if you could kindly email me at harryjschultz@gmail.com. I think I may be getting c/o'd on some of your emails. (Which I don't mind but is still something you should be aware of).

kickers02, posted on December 9, 2014

Hi Dave I enjoy all of your shows but the ones that I recently resonated with, were the ones about the time fields.
The Professor

brianmasarik, posted on December 5, 2014

Throughout my journey of truth. I have always made my intention to be able to differentiate the truth from misinterpretations. When I listen to David speak, my intuition tells me that he is speaking truth. Which with the information that I have learned from other scholars, physicists and truth seekers. People like Michael Tsarion, Helena Blavatsky, Michio Kaku, Jordan Matthews, Alan Watts, Graham Hancock, Manly P. Hall, John Lash and many others have all shown that religions and ancient civilizations clearly have the same lessons being revealed at their core. These lessons of, finding the higher consciousness through looking within oneself and that we are the creators of this matrix of energy. The thing that makes David so special is that he is able to convey these teachings without seeming pretentious. His attempts at humor and, ability to modernize the teachings of the ancient works allow even a less awoken soul to begin to understand. For this, David is truly one of my mentors in the truth seeking game. He has helped my awakening greatly and, for this I am extremely grateful. Namaste!

jenamo, posted on December 2, 2014

dave, There is nothing sinister in the Georgia guidestones....I find them quite intriguing actually. They are a guide for the future and I whole heartedly believe that the Earth's population should not exceed a certain amount to live in harmony with the planet. I know you think that the 'cabal' wants to kill everyone to reduce the population...but that is a negative projection into a dystopian future. The facts are that population (births) are declining in many countries by choice. This is a long-term goal. Stop spreading the fear and negativity. you have a lot of knowledge but you are doing too much 'hand-wringing". BE the change you want to see in the world and don't become the thing you are fighting.

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