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Practice anywhere, anytime with your favorite online yoga videos. Choose from hundreds of award-winning titles featuring Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig and other renowned yoga instructors. Our videos include practices for weight loss, core strength, cross-training, back care, insomnia, arthritis, flexibility, relaxation and much more. Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, are a beginner or advanced practitioner, Gaiam TV has a yoga video for you!

Willpower Warrior Video
Willpower Warrior (September 2014)
32 minutes
Kate Kendall guides you through slow and deliberate movements designed to build strength from the inside out.
Available worldwide
Befriending the Agni Video
Befriending the Agni (August 2014)
54 minutes
Stimulate proper digestion with engaging sequences, classical hatha postures, and steady twists.
Available worldwide
Wisdom Warriors: Change Video
Wisdom Warriors: Change (August 2014)
32 minutes
Breathe and stretch your way to more ease with this simple and powerful practice.
Available worldwide
What's in a Style? Video
What's in a Style? (August 2014)
12 minutes
Join Cameron Gilley as he discusses some of the many different yoga styles and how to choose the style that is right for you.
Available worldwide
Courage to Be You Video
Courage to Be You (August 2014)
58 minutes
In this practice, you will fire up your inner strength and feel the openness and courage to BE YOU.
Available worldwide
Playful Backbends Video
Playful Backbends (August 2014)
51 minutes
Create space in the shoulders, hips and spine to prepare for deep, consecutive backbends. Class will end with restorative postures to calm and ground the nervous system.
Available worldwide
Prosperity Goddess Lakshmi Dance Video
Prosperity Goddess Lakshmi Dance (August 2014)
20 minutes
Lose yourself in this journey of movement to embody the Goddess Lakshmi.
Available worldwide
Meditation on the Layers of Manifestation Video
Meditation on the Layers of Manifestation (August 2014)
13 minutes
Kreg Weiss
The aim of this meditation is to empower ourselves through the process of disassociation, acceptance, and release.
Available worldwide
Crooked Crow Video
Crooked Crow (August 2014)
34 minutes
A twisty, rinsey sequence to heat, detoxify and shape the side waist with Kate Kendall.
Available worldwide
Wisdom Warriors: Becoming Real Video
Wisdom Warriors: Becoming Real (August 2014)
32 minutes
Find relief for your neck and shoulders with these basic heart opening poses.
Available worldwide
Power Mudras Video
Power Mudras (August 2014)
7 minutes
This short talk from Faith Hunter helps to explain the purpose of mudras and how they can be used to enhance your yoga practice and life. She will introduce four mudras here: the Lotus, Garuda, Ganesha, and Kali mudras.
Available worldwide
E=mc2: Energy is Life Video
E=mc2: Energy is Life (August 2014)
74 minutes
This practice from Cameron Gilley is an energetic, yet thoughtful exploration of Vinyasa-based movement. Prepare to sweat, energize, and relax deeply as you move mindfully through this sequence. Find balance through building ...
Available worldwide
Watering Flowers Video
Watering Flowers (August 2014)
15 minutes
This meditation practice from Bernie Clark focuses on creating positive habits for a healthy life. Take time to water the flowers of positive thoughts, and learn to let go of watering the negative weeds.
Available worldwide
Tantra Video
Tantra (August 2014)
10 minutes
This insightful talk from Sianna Sherman covers the basic underpinning ideas of tantra yoga and how we can relate them to our every day lives.
Available worldwide
Power of the Arms: Healthy Shoulder Alignment for Vinyasa Practitioners Video
Power of the Arms: Healthy Shoulder Alignment for Vinyasa Practitioners (August 2014)
16 minutes
This brief tutorial from Jesse Enright focuses on healthy weight bearing and alignment for the upper body during a vinyasa practice. Learn to place your hands, wrists, shoulders, and chest mindfully.
Available worldwide
Live Your Truth and Love Your Life Video
Live Your Truth and Love Your Life (January 2014)
42 minutes
Anchor in your third chakra with this powerful class from Ashley Turner.
Available worldwide
Love Yourself Video
Love Yourself (February 2014)
40 minutes
This class with Gloria Latham reminds us that to love another we must love ourselves enough to recognize the patterns that keep us from true intimacy.
Available worldwide
Journey into Love Video
Journey into Love (December 2011)
20 minutes
This 20 minute guided mediation with Sarah Harrison will show you how to cultivate love and joy in your life.
Available worldwide
Love Bomb Video
Love Bomb (September 2013)
43 minutes
Through this fun sequence, shoulder and chest openers stimulate the anahata chakra, thereby uncovering a deep sense of self-love and compassion.
Available worldwide
In a Heartbeat Vinyasa Yoga Video
In a Heartbeat Vinyasa Yoga (January 2010)
33 minutes
There are 3 rhythms in the body, that of the heart, the breath and the brainwaves. This short but sweet namaskar with Clara Roberts-Oss connects you to these inner rhythms. As you move through this sequence, you will be ...
Available worldwide
Durga Vinyasa, a Warrior Practice Video
Durga Vinyasa, a Warrior Practice (March 2014)
46 minutes
This practice from Gina Caputo is dedicated to stoking our inner potency, dissolving patterns and finding Truth through purifying kriya, core work and heroic embodiment all without struggle. In the Hindu pantheon of deities, ...
Available worldwide
It's Only Rock and Flow But I Like It Video
It's Only Rock and Flow But I Like It (March 2014)
39 minutes
Rock your inner goddess and let love flow! This hip opening practice with Mary Clare Sweet is both ferocious and fluid. This video is part of our Goddess Guide.
Available worldwide
Hips Don't Lie, Spiritually Fly Video
Hips Don't Lie, Spiritually Fly (July 2014)
29 minutes
This playful and fast-pace Spiritually Fly flow is inspired by Faith Hunter's Sunday morning class at her yoga studio, Embrace, in Washington, DC. The practice will focus on creating freedom and openness on a physical and ...
Available worldwide
Yin Yoga: A Rest and Digest Practice Video
Yin Yoga: A Rest and Digest Practice (January 2011)
79 minutes
This practice will explore how to use yoga and breath to turn off the stress and start to rest and recharge the body.
Available worldwide
Twisting Detox Flow Video
Twisting Detox Flow (August 2012)
18 minutes
This short but effective yoga practice with Ashley Turner gives artistic instruction for movement guided by breath to fire up your core with twists.
Available worldwide
Twist and Shout Video
Twist and Shout (October 2013)
44 minutes
This flowing sequence from Annie Carpenter integrates a smart use of cueing and instructions to bring you deeper into your practice.
Available worldwide
Relax and Unwind Video
Relax and Unwind (August 2014)
31 minutes
Unwind and slow down with this evening flow practice from Danielle Mika Nagel. In this sequence, focus on releasing tension in the hips and creating space throughout the body. An emphasis will also be placed on the areas of ...
Available worldwide
Post Flight Yoga Video
Post Flight Yoga (August 2014)
19 minutes
This short practice from Rachel Wainwright is designed specifically for those yogis who like to travel. Targeting the hips, pelvis and shoulders, this class will help you return to center after a long flight, or even a long ...
Available worldwide
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