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Practice anywhere, anytime with your favorite online yoga videos. Choose from hundreds of award-winning titles featuring Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig and other renowned yoga instructors. Our videos include practices for weight loss, core strength, cross-training, back care, insomnia, arthritis, flexibility, relaxation and much more. Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, are a beginner or advanced practitioner, Gaiam TV has a yoga video for you!

Advance Your Practice: As the Crow Flies Video
Advance Your Practice: As the Crow Flies (December 2014)
53 minutes
This class is meant to demystify and guide you via the shortest path (or "As the Crow Flies") from where you are now to proficiency in arm balances in the Bakasana or Crow pose family.
Available worldwide
Yin Yoga for Runners (and everyone else) Video
Yin Yoga for Runners (and everyone else) (December 2014)
62 minutes
This yin practice with Bernie Clark is designed to nourish and rebuild these areas, making them stronger, longer and ready for your next run.
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Re-Discover Your Relationship to Yoga Video
Re-Discover Your Relationship to Yoga (December 2014)
50 minutes
In this practice Troy slows it down and aims towards lengthening the breath as we slow down our transitions, build more strength and awareness, and create a new relationship to our practice and each other.
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Made to Shine Video
Made to Shine (December 2014)
27 minutes
This morning practice will focus on enlivening the spine to wake up the shakti, opening the shoulders to bloom the heart, and deep steady breath to nourish with luminous prana.
Available worldwide
Away from the Wall Video
Episode 3
Away from the Wall (December 2014)Advance Your Practice: Building the Perfect Handstand
Episode 3
, 28 minutes
In part three of our series, Jesse Enright teaches us how to leave the wall behind and learn to safely explore our handstand in the middle of the room. Jesse's informative flow opens the shoulders, educates us about anatomy, ...
Available worldwide
How to Flow Within Form Video
How to Flow Within Form (December 2014)
27 minutes
Twee guides you through this flowing practice giving you the tools to stay at peace and at ease when unexpected situations come up during pregnancy and beyond.
Available worldwide
Vipassana Meditation Video
Vipassana Meditation (December 2014)
17 minutes
One seated session with three distinct parts, this Vipassana meditation focuses on prolonging stillness in the mind.
Available worldwide
Evening Restorative Flow Video
Evening Restorative Flow (December 2014)
34 minutes
Focus on releasing tension in the hips and creating space throughout the body in this gentle flow with Danielle Mika Nagel.
Available worldwide
Space: Fifth Chakra Video
Episode 6
Space: Fifth Chakra (December 2014)The Healing Elements
Episode 6
, 40 minutes
Kate Potter provides a gentle vinyasa practice focused on the fifth chakra (or throat chakra). Transitions are highlighted so that you'll delightfully float into and out of the poses, neither pushing nor pulling, but ...
Available worldwide
Balancing Video
Episode 2
Balancing (December 2014)Advance Your Practice: Building the Perfect Handstand
Episode 2
, 27 minutes
This practice creates strong foundational knowledge of core integration, opening in the shoulders, and a sense of empowerment at the possibility of going upside down.
Available worldwide
The Yin-Side of Letting Go Video
The Yin-Side of Letting Go (December 2014)
60 minutes
Bernie Clark offers an insightful yin yoga practice that provides space and time to let go of tension: physically, emotionally and psychologically. By relaxing into these yin poses for several minutes at a time, this class ...
Available worldwide
Dance of the Firefly Video
Dance of the Firefly (December 2014)
46 minutes
Alight to fly with Liv Hilde in this dynamic, powerful, and playful vinyasa practice that will lengthen your antennae, bling out your wings, and prepare your body and mind for more challenging arm balances such as ...
Available worldwide
Strong and Centered Video
Strong and Centered (December 2014)
49 minutes
In this fusion practice Coco Ferrari blends the power of yoga and the strength of pilates. This class is designed to build deep core connections and open the heart.
Available worldwide
Air: Fourth Chakra Video
Episode 5
Air: Fourth Chakra (November 2014)The Healing Elements
Episode 5
, 41 minutes
In this segment of The Healing Elements with Kate Potter, Kate focuses on the element of air. This is another class used for clearing, but his time instead of the upward moving energy expressed in the fire sequence, Kate ...
Available worldwide
The Foundation Video
Episode 1
The Foundation (November 2014)Advance Your Practice: Building the Perfect Handstand
Episode 1
, 31 minutes
In part one of Jesse Enright's Building the Perfect Handstand series he explores the roots and foundational elements required in the hands, wrists, shoulders and core.
Available worldwide
Man on the Moon Video
Man on the Moon (November 2014)
43 minutes
Nico begins with a guided meditation before moving into a series of yin poses. Each pose is held 3-5 minutes. Get ready to take it down and chill.
Available worldwide
Sunrise Pilates Video
Sunrise Pilates (November 2014)
24 minutes
Marla Waal guides an energizing and strengthening fusion practice incorporating some of her favorite exercises. Time to wake up the body!
Available worldwide
Natural Mystic Video
Natural Mystic (November 2014)
60 minutes
Gina guides you through a sequence of postures that leverages the qualities of nature and all of the natural elements: earth, fire, water, air and space.
Available worldwide
Fire: Third Chakra Video
Episode 4
Fire: Third Chakra (November 2014)The Healing Elements
Episode 4
, 43 minutes
This fire practice is fierce and requires strength and concentration. It can burn hot and is considered a detox practice, which clears and purifies.
Available worldwide
Mayurasana: Peacock Pose Video
Episode 3
Mayurasana: Peacock Pose (November 2014)Advance Your Practice: Foundation to Flotation
Episode 3
, 22 minutes
Andrea uses what we’ve learned in modules 1 & 2 and find the last few puzzle pieces here that just might get both our legs up to the sky. And if they don’t, no worries!
Available worldwide
Back to Basics Hatha Video
Back to Basics Hatha (November 2014)
29 minutes
Join Cameron Gilley for this short, sweet, and simple flow of some basic hatha yoga postures.
Available worldwide
Hip, Hip, Hooray! Video
Hip, Hip, Hooray! (November 2014)
14 minutes
Join Desiree Rumbaugh and her student, Nicole, to learn some easy, great tips to release tension in the hips.
Available worldwide
Water: Second Chakra Video
Episode 3
Water: Second Chakra (November 2014)The Healing Elements
Episode 3
, 42 minutes
The movement and breath give rise to finding your current, and is meant to be playful and lush. Your current is full of rolling, dipping, rounding, curving, and arching with the waves of breath. This sequence stays low to the ...
Available worldwide
Hands & Forearms Video
Episode 2
Hands & Forearms (November 2014)Advance Your Practice: Foundation to Flotation
Episode 2
, 14 minutes
In this practice, Andrea helps us to warm the hands and forearms and the rest of our muscles for mayurasana, and there are options for arm balances to give us a taste of where we’re headed.
Available worldwide
You Make Loving Fun Video
You Make Loving Fun (November 2014)
38 minutes
In this practice, Mary Clare teaches you how to draw the shoulders onto the back plane of the body to make more space for the chest, and let your love shine!
Available worldwide
Preschool Yoga Tips Video
Preschool Yoga Tips (November 2014)
2 minutes
Josephine Lowey offers tips on the many ways that children's yoga is different from grown-up's yoga, and really fun!
Available worldwide
Storytime Yoga: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Video
Storytime Yoga: Goldilocks and the Three Bears (November 2014)
7 minutes
In this children's practice, Josephine Lowey brings the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life through song and movement.
Available worldwide
Fired Up Video
Fired Up (November 2014)
37 minutes
This practice with Gina Caputo is inspired by fire - the great transformer! It is dynamic and radiant, just like you are when you keep your inner fire stoked. Through powerful asanas we’ll transform stagnancy and dullness into ...
Available worldwide
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