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We’ve organized some of our best content into curated, guided programs to help you learn and expand your practice. Guides deliver a curated collection of videos and articles on a daily basis for anywhere from 7 to 30 days. Once you get started with a guide, we’ll send you email reminders each day, notifying you of the day’s videos and articles. Our guides will help you stop browsing and start practicing.

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  • 21 Days
    Commit to You

    Let's face it: New Year resolutions don't work. So how do we resolve... not to resolve? Three simple words: Commit to you.

  • 21 Days
    The Balanced You

    At birth, we’re each gifted with a unique constitution that’s derived from the elements of our natural world: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

  • 14 Days
    Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners

    New to yoga, or want a fresh look at the basics? Let My Yoga on Gaiam TV guide you through the fundamental...

  • 21 Days
    Greet the Sun

    Our morning rituals set the tone for the day ahead. This month, we can't think of anything better than greeting the day with a morning cup of yoga...

  • 16 Days
    Yoga Sculpt Fusion

    By popular demand, this practice guide will blend energizing yoga flows with Pilates, Barre Fusion and a touch of ballet to provide you with a fun...

  • 8 Days
    Yoga for Beginners

    Not sure where to start or why? In this beginner’s guide to yoga, we’ll teach you the basics of fundamental postures and go deep into anatomical aspects...

  • 14 Days
    Yoga for Athletes

    Whether you are getting ready for a marathon, a team sport or simply want to get in shape for the summer, Yoga for Athletes will take you to the next...

  • 7 Days
    7-Day Bali Retreat

    Awaken to Bliss with Janet Stone's 7-day ritual retreat, filmed in the luscious setting of Bali. I've been longing to create a way for us all to show up...

  • 8 Days
    Anahata: The Heart of Yoga

    The heart is the center of wisdom in our bodies. Also known as anahata, it's the chakra, or energy center...

  • 21 Days
    Get Strong, Be Calm

    Join thousands from around the globe and commit to 21 days of health and yoga, including a 3-day detox....

  • 12 Days
    12 Days of Yoga, 12 Days of Gratitude

    Gratitude makes the world around us brighter and makes us shine from the inside out. At My Yoga, we are...

  • 14 Days
    More Core Please

    Our More Core Please Guide will show you how to utilize a combination of core muscles, leaving you feeling strong and looking fit...

  • 14 Days
    Sleep & Immunity

    Whether you live in a sunny climate or are experiencing November rains, getting a good night's sleep is always important. Join us for yoga practices...

  • 21 Days
    Sunrise & Shine

    Whether you have 5 or 55 minutes, let us support you in embracing the warmth of those early rays of sunshine. Wake up with energy and extend...

  • 19 Days
    Yoga for Busy Moms

    Moms have little time and a lot on their plate. If you want yoga classes that fit your schedule, on your time, and still get you calm, help you sleep and...

  • 19 Days
    Yoga on the Go

    Use this guide to get energized, refocus and find peace amidst yet another busy day. If you are a Type A personality, we’ve included some classes...

  • 19 Days
    Yoga for Travellers

    Whether you are travelling for work or to experience something new, My Yoga knows it’s essential to maintain your healthy lifestyle while away from...

  • 11 Days
    Yoga for Better Sex

    This guide is dedicated to yoga that can be used as a powerful tool for unlocking life-energy and using it to elevate you to a place of creativity, intimacy...

  • 30 Days
    Spring Energy

    Shake off winter and get energized with our daily yoga videos...

  • 30 Days
    Transcend Daily Yoga

    Reach beyond your limits. Tune in here every day for practices to energize, revitalize and refresh your body, mind and spirit...

  • 14 Days
    Daily Calm

    Start your journey inward with our daily yoga and meditation classes...

  • 12 Days

    This practice guide is dedicated to de-toxing the body, mind and spirit. Recharge, refuel and get your glow on with these targeted daily practices...

  • 8 Days
    Eliminating Anxiety

    Anxiety can be unlearned. We can reprogram our physiological processes to enable us to stay calm and strong. Learn tools, tips and gain insight...

  • 8 Days
    De-Stress Express

    Stress is one of the most prevalent wellness concerns in today’s world. As the pace of life increases, so does our stress level. But for most of us...

  • 8 Days
    Yoga Detox: An 8-Day Spring Cleanse

    Do you want more energy? How about a leaner body, better sleep and radiant skin? Cleanse your body and your...

  • 8 Days
    Energy Boost

    Energy is essential. But do you feel you have enough of it? Many of us feel drained and tired—a lot of the time. Want more energy, where and when...

  • 8 Days
    Get Lean, Get Healthy

    Rediscover your healthy body and ideal weight. Whether you overeat for emotional reasons, need better portion control or suffer from chronic stress...

  • 8 Days
    Back to Health with Plant-Based Nutrition

    Featuring VEGA founder, Brendan Brazier, and VEGA team member and nutritionist, Peggy Kotsopolous...

  • 8 Days
    Introduction to Power Vinyasa Yoga

    Are you curious about power yoga and how to transition into this practice? Have you been doing it for a while...

  • 8 Days
    Sleep Well, Be Well

    Create and maintain positive practices that have permanent, lasting results. Sleep soundly through the night. Wake refreshed and energized...

  • 11 Days
    Sacred Power of the Goddess

    Who are the Gods and Goddesses of Indian Mythology, and how can they supercharge your yoga practice?...

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