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My Yoga Online on Gaiam TV, the ultimate resource to strengthen, center and awaken your body, mind and soul. With our vast library of yoga videos, Pilates and fitness videos, articles, guides and more, the possibilities for positive change are endless. Join our community and ignite your passion for a holistic healthy lifestyle.

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Core Connection Video
Core Connection (September 2014)
28 minutes
This pilates class with Coco Ferrari focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles, with some emphasis on thighs and glutes. You will feel invigorated, open and powerful by the end of class!
Available worldwide
Open the "Doors of the Heart" in Vinyasa Practice Video
Open the "Doors of the Heart" in Vinyasa Practice (September 2014)
30 minutes
This vinyasa practice with Jesse Enright focuses on using healthy shoulder alignment and upper back strength to create a deep release for the chest and energetic “heart”.
Available worldwide
Let's Get Creating Video
Let's Get Creating (September 2014)
38 minutes
Take slow movements and build them gradually for an energetic, clear-headed, happy head space to start your day.
Available worldwide
The Mantra of Sun Salutations Video
The Mantra of Sun Salutations (September 2014)
20 minutes
Each of the 12 movements of Surya Namaskar has a corresponding mantra transforming your physical practice into a devotional ode to life and the inner and outer light.
Available worldwide

Most Popular

Let's Get Creating Video
Let's Get Creating (September 2014)
38 minutes
Take slow movements and build them gradually for an energetic, clear-headed, happy head space to start your day.
Available worldwide
Smooth Awakening Hatha/Yin Video
Smooth Awakening Hatha/Yin (September 2014)
21 minutes
Roll out of bed and onto your mat with this gentle fusion of yin and hatha yoga designed to ease you into your morning with Cameron Gilley.
Available worldwide
AM Practice Video
AM Practice (September 2013)
25 minutes
Morning practices are great way to start your day. This practice with Clara Roberts-Oss touches upon all parts of the body with a focus on side waist and hips. Ends with Nadis Sodhana and meditation. 
Available worldwide
A.M. Slow Flow Video
A.M. Slow Flow (September 2014)
22 minutes
This practice will start with slow movements to stimulate the flow of energy through your joints including hips. We will then incorporate some basic breathing exercises to increase energy throughout the body and mind.
Available worldwide

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Greet the Sun Yoga Challenge
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Our morning rituals set the tone for the day ahead. This month, we can't think of anything better than greeting the day with a morning cup of yoga. Join us for the next 21 days to adopt healthy habits for dissolving the morning fog and energizing the mind, body and soul. Start each day with a quick yoga, wellness, or Pilates practice for clarity...
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Deepak Chopra: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga (2005)
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is a practical program, grounded in the union of body, mind and spirit. Learn the laws from Deepak Chopra and David Simon and then put them into practice with guided yoga sessions.
Genetic Roulette (2012)
85 minutes
Never-before-seen evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the U.S. population, especially among children.
Available worldwide
Ayurveda for Detox (2008)
17 minutes
John Douillard shares foods and meals that are key to a successful ayurvedic detox diet, and describes the "comfort" foods that can be harmful to the body if eaten in excess.
Available worldwide
Food Matters (2008)
78 minutes
With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting sicker. Food Matters ...
Available worldwide

Flow Barre: Spicy Buns (May 2014)
20 minutes
This short but sweet practice from Kate Kendall is a yoga barre fusion that will rock your body. Feel fluid, strong and sexy. This video is part of our Yoga Sculpt Fusion practice guide.
Available worldwide
Episode 1
Cardio Kickbox (2011)Cross Training for Fitness
Episode 1
, 15 minutes
Jessica Smith, Guillermo Gomez
Rev up your metabolism with this high-energy, high-kicking session.
Available worldwide
Goddess Sita: Dance of Virtue (March 2014)
23 minutes
This dance class from Hemalayaa Behl focuses on the devotion, true love, and grace of Sita from the ancient text of the Ramayan. As Ram's wife, Sita faces numerous challenges that test these attributes. Follow along as you ...
Available worldwide
Episode 1
Mat WorkoutMari Winsor Pilates
Episode 1
, 53 minutes
Mari Winsor, creator of Winsor Pilates, brings her unique and elegant style and expertise to this 55 minute in-depth classic mat workout.
Available worldwide

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