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Yoga for Energy Collection

Episode 3
Energy (2013)Rodney Yee‘s Yoga for Your Week
Episode 3
, 22 minutes
Lose weight and feel great with this energizing flow designed to burn calories and increase creativity.
Available worldwide
Balancing into Bountiful Energy (April 2012)
11 minutes
Balancing is one of the key elements to a wellness program because the array of benefits: increased body awareness, core connection, increasing conditioning of stabilizer muscles. This short hatha flow with Kreg Weiss offers ...
Available worldwide
Episode 2
Day 2: EnergizeRodney Yee‘s Daily Yoga
Episode 2
, 22 minutes
Boost your energy. Yoga master Colleen Saidman guides you in this energizing Vinyasa yoga flow to burn calories, increasing stamina and endurance.
Available worldwide
The Remix to Ignition (February 2014)
40 minutes
Light your heart fire with this shoulder opening flow with Mary Clare Sweet. This practice is great in the morning or any time when you need an energetic pick-me-up. 
Available worldwide

Conscious Cleanse on Gaiam TV

The Conscious Cleanse
Challenge Icon
Want a fast track to feeling fantastic and living a vibrant, radiant, and fulfilling life? My Yoga on Gaiam TV and The Conscious Cleanse are partnering to revolutionize the way you feel, think, and live in our “Clean Eating Challenge.” For 14 days, Conscious Cleanse experts Jo and Jules will guide you through a nutrition program that educates, elevates, and....
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Recipes from the Conscious Cleanse

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Quinoa Beet Arugula Salad Recipe
Creamy Cherry Smoothie Recipe

Most Popular

Soul Scrub Video
Soul Scrub (April 2015)
39 minutes
In this gentle vinyasa class with Eric Paskel, a clear head, warm heart and unblocked body are just a few benefits you will take away.
Available worldwide
Celebrate You: Heart Opening Flow Video
Celebrate You: Heart Opening Flow (May 2015)
29 minutes
Whether you're beginner or more advanced, Jo will guide you through an accessible back-friendly class that will encourage you to love and and celebrate yourself. Leave the practice feeling refreshed and truly alive!
Available worldwide
Radiant You! Fiery Flow and Guided Visualization Video
Radiant You! Fiery Flow and Guided Visualization (May 2015)
28 minutes
In this quick uplifting detox flow Jules Peláez will open you up to your true potential through the power of asana and guided visualization.
Available worldwide
AM Yoga For Beginners  Video
Episode 1
AM Yoga For Beginners AM & PM Yoga for Beginners
Episode 1
, 22 minutes
Rodney Yee guides you through a flowing morning yoga practice designed to increase circulation, improve mobility and center your mind.
Available worldwide

Episode 3
20-Minute Abs (2011)10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast
Episode 3
, 20 minutes
Jessica Smith
Get a strong, sexy core.
Available worldwide
Flow Barre: Total Body Bliss (June 2014)
22 minutes
This practice from Kate Kendall ties everything together from her previous Flow Barre classes to give your whole body some love. No savasana is included, feel free to add it. This video is part of our Yoga Sculpt ...
Available worldwide
Episode 3
Boot Camp Burn (2012)The FIRM Flat Abs Solutions
Episode 3
, 10 minutes
Rebekah Sturkie
Burn calories while sculpting your core.
Available worldwide
Classical Pilates Matwork (January 2010)
44 minutes
In this class learn the foundations of Pilates; breath, concentration, control, centering and precision.
Available worldwide

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