• The Park Bench
  • Pink Ribbons, Inc.
    Sponsors try to “pinkwash” their image, even though their business is more likely to cause cancer than cure it.
  • Imagine
    A blind teacher breaks the rules to help a female student rediscover the pleasure of life.

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The Park Bench (2014)
77 minutes
When Emily, a neurotic librarian-to-be, is assigned to tutor Mateo, a struggling Latino undergrad, in American Lit., they don’t get along. But when their talk turns from classics to confessions, they reveal secrets that could ...
Available worldwide
Pink Ribbons, Inc. (2012)
98 minutes
In showing the real story of breast cancer and the lives of those who fight it, Pink Ribbons, Inc., explores the co-opting of what marketing experts have labeled a "dream cause."
Only available in United States
Season 1, Episode 9
Planetary Influences: Surviving Mercury Retrograde (June 2015)Astrology 101
Season 1, Episode 9
, 7 minutes
What is mercury retrograde, really, and what can we do about it? Rick Levine dispels any illusions we may have had about mercury retrograde and explains how we can survive these inevitable moments of our lives.
Available worldwide
X to Y (2009)
24 minutes
A child, dressed all in white, sits in a stark landscape of white sand. What is this place? Why is he there?
Available worldwide

We Were Fine Before You Arrived, Columbus

Columbus’ Lost Ships: A Wreck Investigation (2004)
53 minutes
Columbus’ fourth voyage to the Caribbean ended in disaster. A Spanish wreck was recently located off the Panamanian coastline. Will this find finally unlock the secrets of those early explorers on that ill-fated voyage?
Only available in United States
The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People (1987)
56 minutes
Did you know that a seafaring American tribe explored the shores of North America 7000 years ago? Or that these ancient Americans rivaled their European counterparts in navigational skills several millennia before the Vikings?
Only available in Canada, United States
The Voyage to the American Stonehenge (2005)
48 minutes
Archeologists struggle to understand how the large stones of Tiwanaku, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, were moved and carved by the ancient people who lived there. Now, a team gathers to build a boat in the traditional way and ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Hawaii: A Voice for Sovereignty (2012)
83 minutes
The goal of Hawaii, a Voice for Sovereignty is to raise awareness of the issues that threaten the Hawaiians’ ancient and once-environmentally-sustainable culture. It is an epic documentary about Hawaiian spirituality and the ...
Only available in Canada, United States

Enjoy a movie

Imagine (2012)
105 minutes
Ian, a special instructor for the visually impaired, has been hired by a Lisbon school to help blind children and young adults become more confident and self-reliant. However, his unusual teaching methods, though effective, ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Take Me Home (2011)
97 minutes
Little does NYC cab driver Thom Colvin know that when an attractive lady hops into his cab and says take me to California, that their journey winding across America will become the adventure, and misadventure, of their lifetimes.
Only available in United States
Cliffy (2013)
92 minutes
Cliff Young was a 61-year-old Australian potato farmer, barely eeking out a living, when desperation drove him to enter the inaugural 550-mile Sydney-to-Melbourne footrace.
Only available in United States
Matching Jack (2010)
103 minutes
A woman chances on new love as she wrestles with her son’s illness and her husband’s infidelity.
Only available in Canada, United States

Check out One (or more) of Our Shorts

Mystic Coffee (2013)
11 minutes
A wise and magical barista dispenses advice along with her beverages.
Available worldwide
Into the Unknown (2009)
14 minutes
Life for retired couple Al and Fern is as peaceful as the lake in their cottage's backyard --until the fateful day they discover a black hole growing in their shower drain.
Available worldwide
How to Change the World (2012)
18 minutes
In this heartwarming fantasy, Jay, a young scientist with a desire to change the world through the power of invention, must also figure out how to keep his wife from losing faith in him.
Available worldwide
This Is Normal (2014)
19 minutes
A young deaf woman can undergo an experimental medical procedure to “cure” her. She must confront whether it’s worth giving up who you've been for the “maybe” you could become.
Available worldwide

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The Mystic Fire Video Collection
9 Episodes
Mystic Fire Video concerned itself with the transformation of consciousness, not only through spiritual teaching but through art, music, poetry and film.
Becoming a Man
6 Episodes
This award-winning collection follows the epic ordeals of boys living around the world. Each must face a grueling and impressive challenge in order to make the difficult passage to adulthood.
Women on Top (2006)
26 Episodes
In this series we meet women who have successfully achieved their dream career. As they share their passion, we learn their unique recipes for success. The best of the best from fashion, film and all forms of media reveal how they landed their killer careers and made their way to the top.
FoodWise (2000)
11 Episodes
Jesse Cool introduces organic cooking. Along with her guests, they will prepare some exquisite, healthy and all natural meals. You will observe food from around the world and learn the art of cooking.

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