• Rust
    Rust is a portrait of master iron artist Gordon Kennedy.
  • Boogaloo and Graham
    In this Oscar-nominated short, two boys from Belfast in 1978 discover the facts of life with help from their pet chickens.

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New & Noteworthy

Food Fight (2008)
72 minutes
A fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century.
Available worldwide
Rust (2015)
10 minutes
Rust is a portrait of master iron artist Gordon Kennedy.
Available worldwide
The Living Matrix (2009)
83 minutes
The Living Matrix uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health. The film features a group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners who are ...
Available worldwide
Journey of the Universe (2011)
56 minutes
We have discovered what no previous generation knew – the ways in which galaxies and stars, planets and living organisms emerged within the vast drama of the universe. What role do humans play in this 14-billion-year process?
Only available in Canada, United States

We Need Our Oceans and Our Oceans Need Our Love

Byron Underwater (2006)
57 minutes
Tropical and temperate waters converge in Byron Bay – the most easterly point of the Australian mainland – to create a habitat for an astonishing and vast variety of marine life.
Only available in Canada, United States
Sex Under the Sea (2010)
50 minutes
Under the sea, the reproduction chain is extremely varied and complicated. In such vast, shifting, unstable and dark oceans, each animal has developed its own original strategy to find a partner, seduce him, mate, reproduce ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Sailing with Whales and Dolphins (2009)
48 minutes
Beautiful wordless video footage of dolphins and whales and colorful skies, matched with musical accompaniment, from a sail along the east coast of Australia.
Only available in Canada, United States
Myths of the Great White (2007)
49 minutes
Three friends meet off the South African coast to face the most dangerous shark – The Great White. Each of them has already met him, each differently.
Only available in Canada, United States

Who Do You Love?

Letters from the Big Man (2011)
104 minutes
As Sarah Smith, an artist and government hydrologist, sets out on a solo journey through a remote part of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness of southwestern Oregon, she comes to believe that someone – or something – is shadowing her.
Only available in United States
Eye of the Dolphin (2007)
103 minutes
Fourteen-year-old Alyssa, already facing a lot of challenges in her life, discovers she has an astonishing gift for communicating with dolphins.
Only available in Canada, United States
Into Me See (2003)
68 minutes
Six years after their breakup, Fredrick is contacted by Catherine, the love of his life, whom he has not seen since their split. Into Me See presents us with the challenges we all face with intimate relationships.
Available worldwide
Riding Tornado (2009)
115 minutes
The inspiring story of the healing relationship between a man and a horse.
Only available in Canada, United States

Love a good story? Check out One of Our Shorts

Boogaloo and Graham (2014)
14 minutes
In this Oscar-nominated short, two boys from Belfast in 1978 discover the facts of life with help from their pet chickens.
Available worldwide
Love at First Sight (2010)
13 minutes
A day in the life of 70-year-old Arthur, who falls in love with a fellow resident, a beautiful woman called Ruth.
Available worldwide
Orbit Ever After (2013)
20 minutes
In Earth’s orbit, in the distant future, two star-crossed lovers overcome all probabilities and sacrifice all they have in order to spend one perfect moment together.
Available worldwide
A Good Story (2013)
20 minutes
Helga Landowsky wants to buy a jug in an antiques shop in Goerlitz, but the shop assistant does not want to sell it for money. Jakub Lato would only sell the jug for a good story – her story.
Available worldwide

Explore with One of Our Series

Astrology 101
1 Season, 17 Episodes
This series is ideal for someone who is curious about the ancient art of astrology and would like to gain a deeper understanding of some of the basic concepts presented within some of our astrology themed videos. Feel free to take your time, open your mind, and allow yourself these moments for ...
A Fortune Teller Told Me (2011)
6 Episodes
Follow Brendan McDonnell as he travels India, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur examining and experiencing the serious (and not so serious) ways of reading the past, present and future.
Shamans of the Himalayas (2011)
4 Episodes
In the shadow of the snow-capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India, the ordinary and occult co-exist, as they have for centuries. This is a world of myth and magic.
Twist of Faith (2009)
13 Episodes
A global journey to discover how religions and spiritual traditions impact societies and individuals around the world. We are all impacted in one way or another by the rich diversity of the world’s faiths.

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