• Boredom
    This entertaining romp blows the lid off the boredom conspiracy and reveals a culture that not only tolerates boredom but actually promotes it.
  • The Curse and the Symphony
    Pursuing the greatest impossible dream takes a special type of courage.
  • Astral City
    Life after death was never a concern for Dr. Andre Luiz, until he wakes up feeling lost and confused in a darkened wasteland.
  • Song of the New Earth
    The transformative life journey of renowned sound healer, psychotherapist and modern day mystic Tom Kenyon.

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Boredom (2012)
62 minutes
This entertaining romp blows the lid off the boredom conspiracy and reveals a culture that not only tolerates boredom but actually promotes it. Director Albert Nerenberg asks why the subject of boredom has been so religiously ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Astral City (2010)
110 minutes
Spiritual medium Chico Xavier documented his visions of the afterlife in his best-selling book, Astral City. Dr. Andre Luiz, who has recently died, begins a process of transformation in an afterlife full of surprising and ...
Only available in United States
The Curse and the Symphony (2014)
19 minutes
The Curse and the Symphony tells a story of Nathan Felix’s effort to break into the elite world of classical music. The catch: He is a punk musician with no formal musical training.
Available worldwide
Healing the Mind (2012)
53 minutes
Medication is at an all time high, and fewer people are actually getting “better”. How can we synthesize the ancient science of Ayurveda with our current treatments today?
Available worldwide

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Song of the New Earth (2014)
88 minutes
Song of the New Earth features the transformative life journey of renowned sound healer, psychotherapist and modern day mystic Tom Kenyon, who went from being a young aspiring Nashville musician to an internationally revered ...
Available worldwide
People of the Wind (1976)
110 minutes
There are two hundred miles of raging rivers and impassable mountains to cross. There are no towns, no roads, no bridges. There is no turning back. The Bakhtiari migration is one of the most hazardous tests of human endurance ...
Only available in Canada, United States
Happiness Is (2009)
82 minutes
Go with filmmaker Andrew Shapter (Before the Music Dies) on an American road trip to explore the true meaning of happiness.
Available worldwide
Revealed (2011)
42 minutes
Photographer Scott Indermaur creates one-of-a-kind portraits of 11 individuals who have been given the unique challenge of symbolically capturing their essence and spirituality in a small box.
Available worldwide

Inspirational Films

Episode 3
Heaven Can Wait (1978)Conscious Film Series
Episode 3
, 101 minutes
A Los Angeles Rams quarterback, accidentally taken away from his body by an overanxious angel before he was meant to die, returns to life in the body of a recently murdered millionaire.
Only available in United States
Shuffle (2011)
82 minutes
Shuffle is the compelling tale of a man who begins experiencing his life out of order, waking up each day at a different age in his life. Can he pay attention to the messages he's being sent?
Only available in United States
Swing (2003)
104 minutes
Swing is the dance- and music-filled story of a young man caught between his dream of a musical career and the more conventional expectations of his father and his girlfriend. Swing is about dancing to the rhythm of your own ...
Only available in United States
Beyond Bob (2007)
87 minutes
Beyond Bob is a quirky feel good comedy about a love that persists even beyond the grave. Bob returns as a spirit to try to set things right and stop a potentially disastrous wedding leading to one silly debacle after another.
Only available in Canada, United States
Conscious Film Series

Enlighten your perspective and expand your consciousness with these hand-selected, award-winning films.

May: The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s slender, beloved classic of innocence and discovery comes to the screen.

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Harry Grows Up (2012)
11 minutes
New York is a tough place to find love. Especially for an 18-month-old, out and about on his own.
Available worldwide
Even Gods (2010)
18 minutes
A man living in a shelter revisits his past when he meets his daughter again for the first time in thirteen years.
Available worldwide
Found (2011)
19 minutes
Alex has always known he was adopted, but a new revelation about his background stirs his curiosity to uncover even more.
Available worldwide
Leave Without Running (2010)
13 minutes
A stressed-out insurance agent finds himself losing control. When he comes to, he finds himself in a bizarre situation, in the middle of a bar’s vibrant nightlife.
Available worldwide

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Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World (1980)
13 Episodes
An investigation of unexplained phenomena and mysteries around the world, from the masterful science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, one of the most inventive scientific minds of our time.
The Change Makers (2010)
6 Episodes
Céline Hue travels the world in search of people who do good – people who act to change their world and the daily lives of the people around them.
What’s Really in Our Food?
4 Seasons, 40 Episodes
A lively, valuable series that investigates the food we eat, exploring where it comes from and how it's made, demystifying the science, testing the ingredients and translating the labels.
In Dreams (2007)
13 Episodes
Dreams haunt and horrify, inspire and guide, comfort and confuse, forewarn and foretell, and sometimes they change our lives. Join author, speaker and Jungian analyst Dr. Marion Woodman and other experts, including Dr Teresa DeCicco and David King of Trent University and Toronto dream therapist ...

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