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Looking for a film or movie you can watch with the whole family? Then this is the collection for you. Go behind the scenes at amazing zoos and aquariums, gather everyone for an uplifting film you can feel good about watching together or grab the little ones for a yoga and dance class designed especially for them.

Titles In This Collection

Zoo Diaries
5 Seasons, 75 Episodes
A superb family series, Zoo Diaries gives viewers an exclusive pass beyond the cages and exhibits of the Zoo to discover an extraordinary world.
Barney‘s Barrier Reef
20 Episodes
Dive into the incredible world of Australia’s Barrier Reef, as Barney Harwood and Gemma Hunt discover creatures that are quirky, crazy and creepy!
In this intimate coming-of-age story, Eddie, a teenage boy, learns about the dangers and pleasures of love, life and flying.
The Fragile Planet
84 minutes
This Fragile Planet follows a group of school-age children as they are given a grand tour of the South Carolina Aquarium. Join us for a fun adventure and learn how you can help preserve the ecosystems of the world.
Only available in Canada, United States
A Little Bit Mongolian
55 minutes
This is the charming story of Angus, a 12-year-old boy from Australia who dreams of being the first foreign boy ever to win one of Mongolia’s biggest horse races, the Naadam.
Only available in Canada, United States
Children of the Desert
10 Episodes
A series with ten portraits of children belonging to nomadic tribes, living in deserts around the globe.
Tinkerbell Dance Studio – Ballet
29 minutes
Michele Lundberg
Tinkerbell Dance Studio's Ballet will teach kids basic introductory steps to ballet dancing. Best for ages 4 and up.
Available worldwide
The Bracelet of Bordeaux
99 minutes
With the help of a magic bracelet, two 'tween girls overcome the mob, a punk gang and a crooked cop to bring justice to the crime of dognapping while bringing laughs and deeper lessons to this terrific family adventure.
Only available in Canada, United States
Ocean Zoo
13 Episodes
What would the daily routine at a public Aquarium be like?
Life in the New World
6 Episodes
The earth is a thrilling place for the young. But chills as well as thrills await their first steps.
Grizzly and the Treasure
87 minutes
A 1975 narrated film featuring delightful scenes of wildlife and nature about a gold-hungry man named Ezra Lambert who brings his family to Alaska looking to get rich and ends up enduring Alaska’s brutal winter.
Available worldwide
Wonderful World
50 Episodes
Wonderful World will let you know everything about the most and best qualities of the Earth and where and how to find them.

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