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Seane Corn is a yoga instructor who is known for her passionate, dynamic and inspirational style of teaching.

She discovered yoga while waiting tables as a teenager in New York City, where she met David Life, the owner of a small East Village café, and fellow waitress Sharon Gannon, who later opened the Jivamukti Yoga Centers. In 1992, Corn moved to Los Angeles and began studying at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, where she studied with some of the most renowned teachers in the country. During this period of extensive training, Corn traveled through India, studying Ashtanga yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, learning the spiritual teaching of Ammachi and spending time at Sri Aurobindo's ashram.

Today, in addition to creating yoga videos for, Corn teaches at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, and travels extensively, teaching workshops, conferences and retreats internationally.

Titles Featuring Seane Corn

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 2: Short Form  Video
Episode 2
Short Form Vinyasa Flow Yoga 2 - The Body and Beyond
Episode 2
, 40 minutes
Pick up the pace to increase your strength, flexibility and understanding in this challenging and technically precise practice with instructor Seane Corn.
Available worldwide
Twist and Flow Video
Episode 1
Twist and Flow (2011)Seane Corn Detox Flow
Episode 1
, 41 minutes
Start your detox here.
Available worldwide
Purify Video
Episode 3
Purify (2011)Seane Corn Detox Flow
Episode 3
, 64 minutes
Just right when we’re feeling sluggish and need inspiration.
Available worldwide
Vinyasa Flow Yoga 1: Uniting Movement and Breath Video
Uniting Movement and Breath (2003)Vinyasa Flow Yoga 1 - Uniting Movement and Breath
72 minutes
Let Seane Corn lead you through an hour of Vinyasa yoga. Get in touch with your center and let your breath guide your body through each pose.
Available worldwide

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