Retreat for Your Health

Retreat From What?

More and more, people are seeking a longer, perhaps deeper experience away from their everyday. A retreat in nature, over a weekend, a week or even a month can truly alter one’s level of understanding into consciousness.  It provides so much more than a singular yoga class or instructional workshop on meditation or other topic in spirituality. When someone makes a commitment to take a deeper look into themselves, it is a sure indication that they are on the road to self-improvement.  This journey is of course, lifelong.

Those with regular jobs may go down the path to betterment by attending classes – fitness, yoga, dance, and they do this in between working hours.  Attendance in a class is often an indication that the person is attempting to become better, lose weight, get more flexible, or whatever the reason.

When the decision to attend a retreat is made, you know that the reach has gone one step further. A yoga retreat can open a person up to more subtle changes than just the physical body.  Multiple teachings over time, in a setting away from one’s home can intensify energetic or emotional experiences.  Retreats can hold certain surprises for those choosing to partake – and they can happen with simple and profound interaction between people on the retreat. You have to make the decision to be open to the magic, and let it take you on a different journey.

 A yoga retreat, for example, draws people with similar interests in the study of yoga asana. With proper intention, a retreat can also open the doors of awareness to assisting one in becoming more aware of  how you interact with others.

Are you impeccable with your word? Are you proficient? Focused? Do you attract what you want in your life easily? If these questions speak to you, a retreat in self-development of any kind may be in order this year, not only for enjoyment, but also for deepening our understanding on how this wonderful universe works on a karmic and energetic level.

If there seems to be some break in “ease” in your life, you may want to consider a retreat. Why?

1. It allows for the natural rhythms of nature to align your body energetically – fresh air, clean lakes, and deep rest

2. You get away from your everyday, be that your partner, your kids, your work, or something that may be getting to you. It may even solve something when you take space, and time for reflection.

3. Yoga – if you haven’t heard by now, it can change your life. It makes your body more flexible, yes.  With consistent practice, your life and mind become more flexible so that you can be content or at least peaceful in every situation, no matter what the circumstance.

4. You meet people for who they truly are, instead of for the professional roles they are playing.  Don’t we all want to meet each other authentically? Put aside the masks and just be real? A retreat not only provides time but also exercises in mindfulness that can break down barriers that prevent our openness, and teach you how to communicate with more than words you might hear in everyday social settings. It’s fun, and conscious.

5. Food – a retreat can often help you get on track with healthier, mindful eating. With organic, vegetarian meals provided, you don’t have to worry about the preparation. If your health is a priority in your life, you might even learn or be motivated to move into greater knowledge about the energy in food, and how to sustain healthier living through nutrition as your years go by. 

6. Meditation – Ever tried meditating? Have you stuck with it? A retreat can give you a kick start or a restart to a more mindful you. Meditation can assist you in communicating better, becoming a better listener, and an observer rather than a reactor.  You begin to act intuitively, stop expending your valuable energy on things or people that don’t serve you. Your sadness can melt; happiness turns into blissfulness.

A retreat can assist in giving you the space you need to reflect – questions like “What do I want?” Who am I? Or “What is my purpose?” can come up, facilitated or when you are alone. You may even incorporate what you learn on a retreat–be that a new yoga posture or a new way of living–with you into your life.

The choice in partaking in a retreat, be it for meditation, yoga or health is one that happens as you are ready. Your body will thank you for it, and so will your mind.


Satyama Lasby is the Owner of Open to Bliss Productions, a company that offer retreats in yoga, meditation and tantra. 

Website: Open to Bliss

Facebook: Open to Bliss

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